Escape The Fate

Ok this is a really weird one I had last night but its the first dream I have had in a while that wasn't just flashes or about someone I'm trying to forget.

Okie so the dream begins.

I sit there nervously twiddling my fingers as a secretary with blonde bobed up hair and a red suit like Sarah Palin watched me. She twiddled her pencil and looked up in a very judging manner over small black half moon spectacles. She stamped down the worn pink rubber on the end of the writing impliment and spoke as a very gothic looking girl walked out of the door head in her hands.

"Your in" She nodded me towards the looming door on the other side of the grey waiting room. My chair scraped the floor producing an ear shattering sound as I stood up and nervously shuffled towards the now huge looking door.

Slowly the sliver handle pushed down and I entered into a room covered with posters of various bands I like. The room was decorated in a very gothic decour. The main colour scheme appared to be red and black. A Girl with heavy black chained boots and torn emostyle clothes was leant back in a large black spinning computer chair with her feet on the grey dest infront of her. Strange and wonderul items filled the room and Music blasted from all corners of the room. I seemed to recognise it as 'still beats your name' by Killswitch Engage. I was unsure of the womans identity yet still I sat down infront of her hesitantly.

She lifted a small remote and turned down the stero before asking me who I was and why I wanted the job. I told her everything I could think of, how music is my life and many such things. She sat back and listened intently as she chewed the end of her purple streaked and striking hair. I eventually ran out of breath and she stood up and shook my hand.

"Welcome to the band" I couldn't belive it. I had gotten into escape the fate.

The dream now jumps forward to our first gig. The crowd roard outside in the huge ampitheater. However I was still in the changing room desperatly searching for my necklace. Ronnie was also walking around not ready.

The girl whos name appeared to be Heather and the basist Max  were both hurring us out. With Ronnies help I found the necklace and Heather and I walked into the ampetheater followed by Max.

There were no instruments about but we stood there anyway. The crowd screamed "RONNIE!!" from all sides as he walked out waving. As Heather and I questioned where our intruments were we all began laughing that I was a drummer without any drums. A woman came down from the seats which were now all empty as the rest of my bandmates and I sat in a circle discussing matters. Heather and her began an argument as the woman in the crowd appeared to be called Linda and was wondering why we went playing.

This is where the dream cut off. Not only a strange dream because there were some fundamental facts that ended up compleatly wrong but because it cut off sudenly. For one Ronnie is no longer in Escape the Fate and he was the singer Not Heather. Two there was no Heather in escape the fate. Three I don't play drums!


Very peculiar but I thought I would log it because its the first real structured dream I've had since I started writing in this log =P



The End

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