The Narzarkahs

The room was a mix of metallic green, beige, and several other colors that I cannot recall. It was strange, unfamiliar, and very alien, but I was not afraid. There was some sort of desk that I sat at, and I don't know what I was doing there, perhaps nothing at all. There was no time to contemplate, because before I knew it, there was a piercing siren-like screech, something approached, I turned around just in time to see a huge towering reptilian beast lurch toward me, long fangs jutting out of its slender muzzle. This was not a scary dream, despite the contents, and even as the creature lunged, and bit into the nape of my neck, even as almost my whole body in seconds went numb and paralyzed, no tension was present. I was greatly intrigued by this fierce creature and wanted to know more.

First of all, it was very tall, perhaps seven or eight feet, with shimmering scales that matched the colors of the odd room. Its eyes were large and black, and watched me with an intensity that seemed forced. It was muscular but strangely elegant in the way it moved, surreally horrific, and though its body build was similar to that of a raptor, the difference was clear. I instantly knew that it was not any animal born naturally on earth, at least not fully. Out of the long muzzle, maybe from the nostrils, writhed two wispy black feelers, which was another indication that it was born of something not of this earth. It possessed two arms, on the end of which were nimble prehensile claws, and it used these to pick me up by the torso after it had bitten me. Apparently something in its bite took away whatever pain would have followed, and also prevented me from struggling.

I don't often have realistic dreams that I can remember, but those that I do have are always like this. Weird, fascinating, and seemingly nightmarish, but absent of any need to be afraid.

The lizard creature hissed frequently, and its long tail lashed frenziedly back and forth behind it. The long claws curled around me, and for a moment I wondered why the bite had been in my neck, but had not been fatal.

Off to another room it dragged me, where more of its kind were waiting. How many exactly were there I do not know, but quite a few were present. They screeched and hissed excitedly as I was brought in. Either they were happy because I was soon to be their food, or for another reason. This new room was round, almost soft in dimension, the walls lined with dark tinted windows beyond which I could see no one, yet something was surely there. Whatever was there, I got the impression that it was extra-terrestrial, intelligent, and creative enough to make beasts like the ones that now crowded around me. The question was why.

I was set down on the metallic floor, gently. I still could not move, no matter how much I wanted to. One of the creatures, inexplicably, bent down and nuzzled the back of my neck, where the punctures still pulsed faintly yet painlessly. It seemed to me like an apology.

The other lizard-things seemed curious, and I felt like some question was about to be answered soon, but then the dream ended.


Later, I drew a sketch or two of the creatures, and a name came to me. Narzarkahs. The more I thought about them, the clearer they became. Soon I had a back-story for them, and a purpose, and this will be used in one of my stories, Blue Moon.

Dreams are awesome. :)


The End

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