Poppy rollercoaster

My dreams often make very little sence and jump around quite a bit but I have to say this is one of the most ... uh ... "Stable" dreams I have had and can remember. Now in quite a few of my dreams one certain teacher has met his death. I find this very strange because i actually liked this teacher.



Story starts out at my school. An old large stone building with extra extensions and things added to it over the years. It must have been summer becuase i remember the trailing work of vines covering most of the front of the school was green and out in leaf.

It was a school trip and at the time I had just gotten into senior school. I say it was a school trip becuase there were several classes from my school there. We were being hearded by teachers across the cricket pitch on the front lawn and over the main road that runs parallel to the front of the school.

As we got over the road we walked into another feild. Normally we would be walking across the feild of the opposite school but this time it was a big open space with a house on it.

The old style wooden corn farmers houses from america. We aproached it from behind and as we came around the front we saw the porch. It had a rocking chair on at along with another normal chair on the other side of the door. On the rocking chair sat a (is it P.C to say this ?) Hillbilly type charachter. He was holding a gun and wearing overalls (think cleetiis from the simpsons, the one who has about fourteen kids).

I remember him very clearly. I know there was a woman next to him and she was kitting but shes very vauge and sort of a grey haze of notimportant detail.

One of our teachers and the head of the junior school, Mrs Downey, went up to the porch railings (its platform was raised slightly from the ground) and she had a conversation with the male with the huge shotgun he was cradling.

She came back to our group and told Mr Hamer (Hay-mer) what we needed to do. He yelled out in his normal slightly high but freindly voice.

"Ok this is very important!" He called "We need to cross the corn feild but we must stick to the little path in the middle of the feild or the Hillbillys are will shoot us ok!"

We all seemed fine with this deal so our group began making out way through the gap in the corn feild. Mrs Hartly (rest in peace and god bless her soul) at the front Mr Hamer in the middle and Mrs Downey at the back. Somehow Mr Hamer managed to fall into the corn feild and he was shot within seconds by the one with the gun.

Mrs Downey screamed and we all carried on moving. Apart from the scream there wasnt much of a reaction to his death. We evertually came out of the feild and we were standing on the top of a really small hill with a cobble path running down the other side into what looked like the backstreets of Ye. Olde . London-e

Mrs Downey let us all go our own way and we all ran around the streets. Me and a few freinds stumbled upon a gigantic building that seemed to carry on for over 30 storys at least. We looked at the sign on the building (unfortunalty i do not recall what it said) and we decided it would be fun to go in.

As soon as we were though the door the building was really modern and had red lights in the floor there was a stair case and the room we were in didnt apear to be much bigger than the carpark stairwells. We went up and up so may storys of stairs with red lights everywhere they looked like popys now. We joined onto the end of a big que. Georgia and I realised we had left our lunches next to the hillbilly house so we ran back through the path in the corn feild (Mr Hamer if her was there still was probably hiden between the corn and we wernt looking for him anyway)

We collected our lunches and ran back to the building and up one flight of steps and we were at the front of the que with the others. They told us that it was a really huge rollercoster and at the end it would plummet down to the groud and we would get off at the bottom of the building. They said that while we were in the roller coaster we had to reach over the edge and grab as many of the poppy heads as we could and then hand then in at the bottom to see if we had won.

We got into the carriage and just as it went into the black enterance the dream ended.

The End

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