January 19, 2014

January 19 2014,

I dreamed that the world was ending. I knew it was going to happen before hand, and I think I was one of only a few who knew what was going to happen, like a secret organization or something. We knew that one day very soon, the entire atmosphere would catch fire. Gravity would increase dramatically and everyone would be crushed and burned and the same time in a matter of seconds. We knew there was nothing we could do to stop it and we only had theories on how it would happen exactly. One(the only one I can remember) was that a giant, burning hunk of rock, almost the size of the Earth, would collide with us, forcing the planet almost into the sun and increasing our mass, therefore increasing the Earth’s gravity.

I remember walking along a path, in a park maybe, looking into the stream and hearing children laughing and dogs barking. There were a few couples here and there, enjoying the sunny afternoon, some families too. And a few others like me, solitary. As I look up, the sky changes from blue to an angry red and orange. Laughter turns to screams as the ground shakes and groans. No doubt from the meteorite hitting the planet. The wind changes direction, it feels like it’s being sucked right into the cracks beneath my feet, pulling everything down. My ears explode and I feel a horrible pain in my chest, being crushed by the pressure. Just as the red sky begins to fade, people realize that the sun is much closer than before. It keeps growing until it seems to swallow the Earth. Those who are still alive feel heat beyond imagination, and see the sky flowing with yellow and orange. Tears well up in my eyes, though evaporating before they can stream down my face. I am not scared, not even surprised. I knew this was going to happen. I clutch my chest and attempt to continue my walk along the now dried up steam. Knowing I will not survive much longer, that the pain will not stay, I try to get to the little arched bridge that crosses the creek. As I reach it, it catches fire, and I fall to the ground.


The End

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