Pleading Ignorance

The way he asked it was not the sort of casual questioning that might occur at a cocktail party upon realizing some trivial coincidence.  The question dripped off his tongue, laden with meaning and some dark, simmering emotionality.  My heart knew it well and began to beat inside my chest, begging for escape.

Ka-thum, Ka-thum, Ka-thum

"N-no, I just...your daughter?"

His head twitched a little, and one eye went a bit wider than the other, "Yes.  My daughter.  Do you know what happened to her?"  He was slowly rising to his feet, and with every inch he rose the vein at his temple bulged ever larger.  I swear I could watch the beats of his heart.

Ka-thum, Ka-thum, Ka-thum

"Look, I mispoke.  I don't know your daughter.  I don't know what happened to her.  I don't know anything.  I don't want to know anything."  My feet were unsteady, resisting as I tried to get to my feet.  The door, the one way out of the small office, seemed miles away.  The world seemed to be crashing down around me like waves.

Ka-thum, Ka-thum, Ka-thum

"Oh," he sneered, "You're going to be like that, eh?  Fine, then go, little vigliacco."  That's all I needed.  Out of the office I bolted, down the hall, past the reasonably cute receptionist, and out into the street, my feet pounding out the steps to salvation.

Ka-thum, Ka-thum, Ka-thum.

The fresh air hit me, as did the jarring, happy sunshine.  I looked out a world at once familiar and alien.  Something had been awoken within me, and now there was no going back.  My jaw refused to stay in its place, leaving me gawking open-mouthed and bleary eyed.  This couldn't be real.  I shouldn't have been seeing this.

The End

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