Word Play and Sword Play

We sat and stared at one another until my barely stifled belch announced the end of the meal.  Her eyes rolled.  My shoulders shrugged.  Relationships had been off to better starts.

"So, when's the learning start?" I challenged before making one last swipe at my mouth with the napkin.

Tsillah rolled her eyes again and gracefully stood, "Let's go for a walk."  Without a word we exited and started up the quiet street.  Funny thing, now that she wasn't talking, her voice kept running through my head.

But it only said one thing, "We are Benandati."  My feet plodded along with the usual aches and cramps from not having slept enough.  All the same, they patted out a steady rhythm.  I think it was Calypso.

And to the beat in my head ran a steady chorus, "We are Benandati.  We are Benandati.  Oh yes we are, we are Benandati."  My head lolled along, and the whole world bobbed and swayed to the tune.  Tsillah's hips swished in time, and the breeze fluttered her hair in syncopation.

Things got weird as the chorus ran again, "We are Benandati.  We are Benandati.  Oh yes we are, we are Benandati."  I could have sworn that bum was lip-syncing along.  The mailbox on the corner shimmied, or was it a trick of the light?  A tiny flock of sparrows swooped and twirled in perfect accent to each taunting syllable.  A man standing perfectly still had a shadow swaying along, two-dimensional fingers snapping to the beat.

Not feeling too good about the world playing along to the tune in my head, I squeaked out between choruses, "Uh, Tsillah..."

But she only twirled in stride, walking backwards a moment to say in time, "We are Benandati..." 

I'm pretty sure the wink meant something, but it wasn't that I was going to get lucky.  Nope, my days of 'lucky' seemed just about over.

The End

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