Dream Girl

She was breathtaking. The most beautiful girl I'd ever seen in my life. The lighting was dim inside the theater, yet she seemed brighter than the sun to me. I stared entranced at her luscious hazel eyes as I stroked her silky, straightened waist-length chocolate hair. She laid back and rested her head beside mine. The movie was probably alright, but I didn't really pay attention. "I love you", I whispered.

"I love you", she giggled back, hypnotizing me with her succulent lips as they danced to the sound of her seductively alluring voice. I was hooked. I felt as though being apart from this girl - for even a second, would bleed my heart dry. She leaned in for the kiss and I held her tight against myself. We closed our eyes... 

She began to crumble. Although my eyes were closed, I could feel her structure breaking, falling apart piece by piece. When I could no longer feel her warmth against my chest, I reopened my eyes. The warmth of my thick blanket replaced her touch and the softness of my two stacked pillows replaced the theater chair. 

I instinctively lurched to my right to check the alarm clock on my bedside table. 8:12. Damn. Why was I always this late? My biological clock was probably doing this on purpose, just to put me under unnecessary pressure for no damn reason. I tigered out of bed (my new verb, a synonym for leaped) and slapped on a random pair of jeans and a t-shirt. 8:15. I gathered all the books I'd be needing for today's classes and crammed them into my backpack. 8:17. Next was brushing my teeth and washing my face. If I had time afterwards, I'd grab a quick bite before heading off. 

Whilst brushing my teeth, I noticed a loose hair dangled in the upper left corner of my vision. I pulled it with my left hand, only to realize... it wasn't mine. Almost a foot long and a brown color compared to my short black hair, there was no way it was mine. Images from last night's dream flickered in my mind. 

Her... was this - her hair?

The End

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