Dream Friend, Real Friend

In spite of the arguments we are having, I'm just trying to remember the things that we shared for each other. These past few days, things about us as friends became weird maybe because we have a different outlook in life. Just by a simple tease, she is easily affected. But now, I understand why she's really like that. Because of what happened to us, I realized that every person is really unique with each other.

Never knew that we would be like this

That we would be friends as easy as this

At first, I thought we would never be friends

But now, it seems I'll never leave you until the end


Hearing your laughter,

Seems like I don't need a doctor

Just a simple message on facebook,

You could easily make me look


Every moment with you, I'll cherish it

Even though we just shared a little bit

Your smile seemed to me so cute

That makes me 3 points to shoot


Because of you, you made me feel that I am blessed

And because of that, I'll try my best not to leave you until the end

Thank You for not leaving me while the rain falls

When you need my help, just try to call


Even though these past few days we're not well

You made me go out of my shell

Because of you, I learned how to be tough

Until I remembered you by your funny laugh


Even though you're just new to my eyes

You made life as high as the blue skies

I have an incomplete puzzle piece

And I guess you're the missing piece


Thank You for that small piece of chocolate,

And because of that I forgot how to hate

The simple questions that I knew you're concerned

You made my world continue to turn


I thought you would just be in my dreams

But now you're here, seems to be so real


Just remember I'm here until time ends

♥ 143 Tin :D

The End

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