Dream fightersMature

Bluebell and some others are the chossen dream fighters. they'll get a call from their cloud wrist phone when someone's having nightmares. Will They defeat the surpise enemy before its too late?

Dream fighters

somewhere out there in the real world, there are skilled fighter who are like Atomic Betty and Kim possible. Ready to tackle anything in their path, who don't know that yet, are the chosen ones. Destined to save the world. In their dreams.

Bluebell was at school with her friends Honey and Lilac. Suddenly a drumming noise ringing her head. Then she fainted. She taken to the nurse's office. While she was being carried, she heard a voice in a dream calling to her. Then she saw a girl with red hair, white plain skin glowing in pink and violet purple eyes. Her name was Kitty. Kitty Ice. “ hi bluebell, I'm kitty. I'm a dream messenger. I have great news to tell you.”

“why do you want? What am I doing here? How do you know my name?” bluebell asked in a bit of a rush. “ All will be revelled shortly. Come let us walk in to my house.” Kitty answered calmly.

At first bluebell didn't have a clue what she on about and what she meant by coming in to a house she couldn't see. But then as if by magic, a very grand house appeared out of no where.

So she followed kitty inside. Inside the house was like a mansion. The walls were purple and green striped, the curtains were velvet yellow, the kitchen had a lot of space and all the doors and draws were shiny.

Kitty led her to the living room, it was like purple paradise. Different shades of purple in different parts of the room. Then they sat down on the light purple leather confy couch.

" Bluebell, you'll be fighting with other dream fighters but you have to find them first. the only way to know who's a dreamfighter is if they have circle around a cloud sign. It will be in purple so stay aleret! and remeber, when you fight with them, it's dream-reality."

The End

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