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Dream Chronicles

-Meeting Oro-

Amanda looked at the locket. After talking to Max about the locket she now sat on her bed. She wore blue fleece pj pants and a black tank top. Her mind was full of a thousand different thoughts. Half of them were skeptical, what kind of joke was this beautiful necklace? Taking the necklace she took in a breath and undid the clasp of the necklace doing it up behind her neck.

Looking over at her alarm clock she sighed, it was almost eleven thirty and Amanda was tired. Getting up she walked over and turned off her light. As the darkness swallowed her whole she felt her way to her bed. In the glow of her alarm clock she crawled into the warmth of her bed. Yawning she allowed her tired eyes to close.

It was a strange feeling once Amanda started to fall asleep. Once she was in a very deep relaxing state she felt a warm tingle start in her chest and spread out all through her body. She was about to open her eyes when a bright light caused her to wince.

But as she opened her eyes she found herself not in her bed, but on a beach. Not any beach, but the beach near her grandma’s house. The sun was just above the houses behind the buildings behind her as if it had just risen. The sand was warm against her bare feet and a warm breeze against her bare arms, face and chest. “Am I dreaming?” she walked down towards the shore. She couldn’t remember ever seeing this beach so beautiful. There was a peaceful emptiness and quietness about it. It had to be a dream…

“I figured you’d choose the beach.”

A voice from behind Amanda made her jump. Turning around she blinked very confused. Standing there on top of a picnic bench was her friend Max.

“ Max?!”

Amanda was more confused than ever.

The man laughed “Alright, too much, fine.” The man was suddenly surrounded by a white light. Amanda turned her head shielding her eyes from the light. As she turned back the man now looked like her friend Nick with the black sweater and black jeans. But his eyes, there was something in his eyes, some weird green tint and wisdom.
“Who are you?” Amanda now felt as if her dream was being invaded.

“My name is Oro.” Oro jumped off the bench and bowed. “This is the dream world. Well this is your interpretation of it right now. I see you got your pendant.”

Amanda blinked looked down at the pendant and smiled. “ Yeah, did you give me this?”

Oro smiled “Of course, but you won’t be able to keep it for long. Actually you’ll have to give it back when you wake up.” Oro smiled “Now choose a name.”

Amanda frowned, she liked the necklace. “But I like this necklace, will I get it back?”

Oro sighed getting impatient. “I’m not there yet. Will you just choose a name.”

Amanda sighed “Why?”

Oro rolled his eyes. “God because you can’t have the same name here as you do in the real world. It’s a sort of protection thing.”

Amanda sat down and stared out over the bay. Closing her eyes she took a deep breath allowing her mind to wonder.

“Anika”  She opened her eyes and looked back at Oro. “But you can call me Ani.”

Oro smiled and sat down beside her. “Sounds good Ani, now this necklace is your dream pendant. When you become a dream master it’ll be part of you. It’ll even have a heart beat and a sort of blood. Everyone’s is different though, see?” Oro pulled out his own pendant. It was on a silver chain, but his was, or well looked like a red marble surrounded by a sleeping dragon.

“How do you make them?” Amanda looked over at him.

“There’s a large mansion, a place where only Elders can go. Inside is a room with endless shelves and drawers. Everyone has a dream pendant; they appear when you dream your first dream. IF you become an Aware, then your Guardian, which in this case is me,  is presented with the necklace. So we can find you.” Oro shrugged.

“So umm why me?” Ani looked over at Oro “I mean what do I do here, why, I mean, I am confused.”

Oro sighed and explained how Ani would become a dream aster if she learned how to control her emotions, for they controlled dreams. He explained how because Ani had an intense imagination she could do anything she believed she could.

“Now give me that necklace back when you wake up.”

“How do I do that?” Anika looked down at the pendant holding it in her hands.

“Just bring it back to the post office. They’ll send it to me from there..they know who I am.”

Anika looked over at the water. “Why do you take on the appearance of my friends? How do you know them? What do you really look like?”

Oro stood up and sighed. “I want to be someone you trust for now. I’ve been watching your dreams. I thought these people were people you trusted. In time I will let you know who I really am.”

Oro looked over at the water and smiled. “So, what’s something you like doing in dreams?”

Anika laughed and shrugged looking up at the sun as it was creeping down towards the water. “Flying.”

“Tomorrow night when you come here I want to see you fly.”

Anika stood up suddenly “How will I come back here? Better yet, how do I leave?”

“ Concentrate on this place, and you’ll always be able to come back. Even without the pendant, and the dream gate will bring you back, or well wake you up.” Oro pointed back to a white arber, as he waved his hand at it, it glowed blue.

“Why don’t you wake up and see”

The End

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