Amanda actually sinks through a portal to a dream worldMature

Amanda looked about her. She was in some sort of valley. There were two tall hills, one either side of her. The weather was glorious and a great sense of calm overtook her.

"I've been here before," she said to herself. She walked slowly forwards through the valley, admiring all the plants as they passed  lazily by and smelling the lovely smell of grass after a rain storm. The plants did, indeed, look wet but the ground was bone dry.

That is until a trickle of water appeared in the distance, moving forwards through the valley at great speed. She just carried on walking. What matter if her feet got a little wet? Sure enough the water felt lovely and cool when it arrived. Before she'd realised it the water had risen quite a bit. Seaweed began to appear. The current pulled her off her feet. Amanda started to swim, that sense of calm having deserted her. She was desperate to reach one side or the other of the ever-widening stream before it became a raging torrent. She'd never been much of a swimmer but she just had to do this - her life depended on it.

Somehow she managed to grip onto a log and haul herself onto it. She sat there panting for a while but realised that she only had moments before the angry stream rose again and she was once again in it.

She climbed off and began rapidly to ascend the hill she was on. She went up and up and up, ignoring the roaring sound of the stream and never looking back until she'd reached the top. What she saw below her was a vast river leading to a distant mouth and then the sea. A pink sunset glistened on the mouth of the river.

To her surprise she found a house. An elderly man and woman lived there. They were dressed like something from another era and they spoke in a language that Amanda didn't recognise. When they spoke English the accent was, again, something she didn't recognise.

"Pwy yw e, 'te?" called out the woman as the man helped the shivering Amanda in.

"Pwy yw HI," corrected the man.

"O, hi, yw hi?"


"Amanda? Wel, wel!" answered the woman, "Hello, Amanda. You'll be wanting to stay here for a while, isn't it?"

Amanda just nodded. She could hardly talk. The man started a fire in the grate and the woman made Amanda comfortable in front of the fire. Next to it was a massive vid screen showing Amanda sleeping with a pendant round her neck. In the video she was back at home.

"Where did that water come from?" asked Amanda.

"It's the end of everything, you see, "said the man.

"And the beginning of something else - a new world,"  explained the woman. "The ice is melting, you see. We'll just have to accept that there's a river there. It'll be there for thousands of years and it started today, you see. You were there - at the very end of everything and the very beginning of everything. A whole new world."

"A whole new world," said the man.

Amanda looked at the vid screen. The sleeping Amanda disappeared leaving an indentation in the bed.

"O, you can't go back now as such, you see," said the man. "Diwedd y byd... wel, yr hen fyd," he added for his wife's benefit.

"You will be one of us," the man and the woman said together.

Amanda looked at the vid screen. The image panned round her flat. Her shower was still on and water was starting to creep out across the floor and towards the empty bedroom.

The End

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