The Scarlet Assassins

"Do you have the staff?" a deep voice asked.

"Yes." the young boy lifted off his hood to reveal a bright scarlet scar stretching from his left eye to the right corner of his mouth. His dirty blond hair was spiked up on his head.

"Do not take that hood off!" the voice yelled raspily.

The boy quickly pushed the black hood over his face again. He'd only been where he was standing once before. There were long, shiny black pillars in the room. A single ray of light filtered through a small hole in the high, dome ceiling. Complicated gateways were pressed against walls and the floor. There was a single S painted onto the floor in red. It looked like blood... it was.

"Ahsiane, give me the staff." the hooded man said.

"Alright master." the boy lay a staff on the ground below him. The man picked it up and turned it over in his hands.


"What shall I do with the Prime Minister?" Ahsiane asked.

"You know what to do with him," a smile stretched across the man's face. All Ahsiane could see were the shadows on the hooded face shift. "Kill him of course!"

And with that, the hooded man walked off, staff in hand. Ahsiane pulled a sword from its hilt on his belt that slung over his back. The blade was rigid near the handle; like four axe heads. Then, at the end, it curled. Ahsiane rose the blade high in the air. The ray of sunlight glinted on the shiny surface of the blade. "We are the Scarlet Assassins!" he exclaimed. And then, the blade came down.

The End

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