Job Applying

Lera woke with a start.

She sat up against the headboard. There were green and purple specks obscuring her vision. Lera wiped a drop of sweat from her brow. Staring out the window, Lera calmed and slowed her quick breathing. "What a dream..." she said, her voice faintly trailing off.

She lay back down in her bed and stared silently at the ceiling. Recounts of her dream crept into her open mind and made themselves noticed. She turned over in her bed. As Lera reached for her clock, it began to beep. Beep! Beep! Beep! Bee-

Her hand came down on the sleep button. Time for dreary old school. Lera sauntered over to her closet and pulled on some clothes. She then walked down the stairs outside her room into the occupied kitchen. There were plates of egg and bacon resting on the fancy table. Lera's father's face was obscured by a newspaper, while her mother gave her a wide smile and a morning greet.

"Morning sunshine!" her father said eloquently as he put down the paper.

"Good morning Dad! Still looking for a job, I'm guessing?"

"Yep. Haven't found one good one yet! I don't even have a last resort!"

"Well honey," Lera's mom said, "maybe you should have applied for that computer job we saw last week."

"Computer job? No way."

"Face it. You should either retire, or be flipping burgers at the Snack Shack old man," Lera said grinning.

She sat down in front of a plate of eggs and served herself some bacon.

"I'm not old! Only forty!"

"Aren't you forgetting something?" asked Lera.

"Fine. I'm forty two."


"Forty three and that's as high as I'll go! Hey, what if I work at Tonk's Magical shop for prankters?"

"Yeah Dad! Then you can join the navy and lead a war against Great Britain only holding a teddy bear named Cuddles! Then there'll be an ambiguous happily ever after following that!" Lera said cheerfully.

"No I'm not kidding," he said.

"But what about those terrible theives the... Resistance?! They've stolen from there several times before!" said Lera's mom.

"We'll see..." Dad said.

The End

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