Dream Chronicles: Shifters and Dreamers

What would you do if all of your dreams were no longer dreams...


The space around Lera swirled and molocules departed. Then, suddenly, they rushed back together, like sand whipping through a desert. The reformed pixels formed a kind of abstrack painting, unclear, with small squares of moving objects upside down, sideways, and any other ways you could think of. She looked at all the movement, all the unclear motions. Yes, yes she knew what it was. She saw three men in a room. But they were all in different squares. The pixels re-arranged themselves once more. Same picture, only in a different order of placement. Lera squinted.

Finally, the picture came together.

It was the Prime Minister of Serenia, Marco Duvall. He was talking to Arthur Mangoliana, a powerful magician, and Asis Stone. He was the Minister of Elementia, which is the company that helps with any elemental problems with their control over the components. They stood at a large stand with a microphone and watched as swarming audiences filled the room. There was a wave that ripped through the picture, and Lera was immediately inside the picture. She walked to the very front and sat down, observing every single detail. She wanted to remember it all. Marco Duvall began his speech.

"Today... is a new era! An era of success! And an era of change! So many times have our stores been robbed and we never find out who did it. So many time we must struggle to stay safe from the clan of assassins that call themselves: The Assassins of the Secret Mists. What if we set up Sentinels? No. That would just make us seem destructive, and create too many unsafe hazards. The Shapeshifters of the Resistance clan could easily escape their grasp..."

Lera heard a slight noise. She squinted at a cloaked figure that resided and cowered in the dark shadows whithering behind the Prime Minister. It stepped forward. No one seemed to notice it. The figure reached into its pocket and pulled out a cube. The cube was black as night. There was some... purple gossamer swirling on the inside of it. The cloaked person held the cube high into the sky. Still, nobody did anything. Then Lera realized: the figure had cast a Concealment spell over itself. That way, to everyone else, it would blend into the backgrounds.

"NO!" Lera yelled as the figure threw the cube. No one heard her scream. She bolted out of her seat and sprinted to the stage.

"We can now multiply this! The Staff of Gexis!" The Prime Minister held up a long staff. On the end, there was what looked like white, feathered wings twirling and holding a large colour changing jewel.

Lera jumped in front of the cube. Everything seemed to move in slow motion as the cube drew nearer. All of the figures around seemed to me just smoke. As the cube hit her, nothing happened. Actually, it passed right through her. The cube hit the mahogany floor and waved. Its purple contents spilled out. There was a wilting darkness that covered the room.

When the light returned, the staff was gone.

So was the Prime Minister...

The End

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