Dream ChroniclesMature

Dream Chronicles

- The Beginning -

- Dream-

Amanda looked around her. She was in the middle of a vast valley. Hills rose on either side of her with large pine trees
covering the hills around her. Blinking she stretched her arms to the sky and sighed. She felt totally at peace, totally
relaxed. Holding her right arm out with her hand opened wide a small blue bird came flying towards her.

Thats when she heard a voice, a strange mans voice echoing through the Valley.

"You will be one of us.."

- End Dream -

Amanda blinked...wierd dream she sighed as she rolled over staring at her alarm clock. It was 10:00 am and she groaned.
She was to lazy to get up, but didn't want to stay in bed. Getting up she grabbed her bath robe and went to take a shower.
Her week had been long and hard. She had gotten into a fight with her grandma, her boyfriend and her best friend. As she turned
on the water and stepped into the warm water her mind and body seperated just like every shower before. While her body was on
some sort of auto-piolet her mind dwelled on the past week.

Her grandma, for whom she worked for, was an understandable fight. She needed to learn to be more compasionate and understandable
.Plus she definatly needed to learn how to remember stuff. God I hope I"m not like that. I will shoot myself.
Amanda snapped out of her train of thought so she could grab her shampoo, the soothing scent stuck to the air as she lathered
it up, pausing enjoying the scent before rinishing it out. Over the shower, she heard someone knocking on the door.

"Is there no fucking peace in this world?!" She growled and poured conditioner into her hands and quickly ran it through her
hair. Turning off the water she grabbed her bath robe tying it around her she opened the bathroom door allowing the steam to
escape and walked down the hall and upstairs to the door.

"Who the hell would come over? No ones here but me..." She sighed and opened the door and let out a verbal shiver as the
cold autumn air rushed in greeting every inch of her soaking wet body. Standing there was a very shocked Purlator man.
"Sorry miss, I have a package." he held out a small cardboard box and the custum electronic pad to sign.

Pulling her robe tighter around her she looked at the man with a cocked eyebrow and grabbed the box and pad signing it, and
thrusted the pad and put it back in his hand before closing the door. Walking upstairs she put the box down on the
kitchen table and returned to the shower washing the conditioner out of her hair.

You will be one of us.

"Wierd dream." She sighed and stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around her before returning to her room.
Today, she decided, was a black day. SO she got dressed in balck socks, black flair jeans, and an oversized t-shirt.

Returning upstairs she woke up her computer and signed into skype, msn, and set up her webcam. Sitting at her kitchen
table she pulled the box towards her. There was no return address on it, hers was written in brilliant turqouis. Just as
she was about to open it a ringing came from the computer. Sighing she put on her headphones and turned her webcam towards her.
Max had signed on to skype, clearly he wanted to talk.

Now Amanda wasn't super pretty. She was average height, around 5'7 and was chubby with a round face. Brown eyes and hair, olive
skin, pulled her slightly french native apperance off. But at the age of 19 she didn't care anymore about how she looked.

"Hey Max. Hey did you send me a package. You know Kathy's gonna get upset" Turning around she grabbed the box. Scrunching up her
nose she opened the box with a nail file revealing a large black velvet box with a large turqouis D in the middle.

"Erm, good morning to you too, and no I didn't send you anything. What is it though? I wanna see"

Amanda had only known Max for seven months. But had felt as close to him as if she had known him for seven years. He had lived
with a friend of hers while he was on an exchange program. But now he lived back home in Berlin, Germany.

Slightly confused as to who sent the gift she opened the box and saw what was inside.

"It's a necklace, it's pretty." She pulled it out, a long silver chain, in the middle hung a large clear heart with silver
wings. "I wonder who sent it though."

Max blinked staring at his computer screen. IT was defintaly something he too would call pretty. In a way he wished that he had
sent it. " So what about Kyle?"

Amanda laughed "Nah, he's to cheap, and I'm going down there in a few days. He'd give it to me himself. Plus, Max...this
is real silver, it's heavy."

The question was who gave it to her. Blinking she looked down at the box and saw a piece of paper, stuck to the bottom of
the box. Carefully taking it off she read it.

Wear this tonight, when you sleep.

The End

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