Dream and Destiny

He had a tiny look from the beginning. Pale hair, unbalanced body made him unique than others. When he left his family, he shaded tears a lot knowing he would not be able to come back again. Father took him to the school, in fact a boarding like school termed "Cadet College", a place to control your life, emotions with the chain of discipline. He was Hasan and this is his story.

Decoration has been done everywhere. New students are coming, so all are working hard to make the occassion successful. Hasan entered the campus with deep-rooted fair in his mind. What would happen to him without his parents? How would he survive? How could he sleep at night not seeing his mother? His younger brother was shading tears too at the eve of final seperation. Its time to say good bye to parents. Good days are over. Struggle begins. "Oh! little Hasan..never give up..trust in God and pray always.."--said his father for the last time. His mother was crying and crying--"Oh God! Save my child from bad things..return him back to me after he is done..".

The End

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