Dream a War

The dream world is a freelance area; a place where reality and implausability breed. Enter the mind of Leon Geriv; a senior in high school suffering from a recent breakup.
His heart and mind broken; he soon finds himself involved in a literal dream war between his vengefull mind and forgiving heart.

Dark pressed in on me like thick black tar; I could barely breathe through it.
"Leon!" A heavy sounding voice bellowed my name but it sounded as if he were speaking under water.
Cold wet drenched my face, and with a roar of indignant surprise, I sat up in my bed, only to find that there was no bed at all. My room was gone, and the night was dark around me. I had woken up to my father's worst nightmare. Our house had been stolen.

I was just about to shout again in outrage, before a hand, much like my own, covered my mouth; the hand was shaky. "Master Leon, please keep quiet; it isn't safe to shout out here!" The voice was my own.
I tried to speak again; but the clamp over my mouth tightened and I was left with no choice but to stay quiet. "P-please Master Leon, I'll e-explain everything s-soon; I p-promise!"
My voice seemed to be on the edge of a panic attack.
I wrenched away from the strange hand. "Where am I? Where's my home?" My questions, though muted, still carried in the cool night air.

The dark sillouette cringed and seemed to curl in on himself from the noise. "Logic is g-going to k-kill me", he moaned.

Logic? The figure was suddenly on his feet, dragging me with shaking hands by the collar of my shirt, I could feel how profusely he was sweating. "C'mon, we need to get to the c-council chambers b-before you wake up the a-army."

Army? What army? I didn't see a--

We crested the a hill I hadn't seen, and suddenly my stuttering captor gagged. "T-t-they've g-grown."

I looked into the night and finally saw. A thick magma orange belt of torches were pitched so far wide and so far back that I couldn't pick out their ends, even in the dead of night.

I was about to ask when my shirt collar bit into my neck again. "W-we've g-g-got to move fast," he said, not allowing me to protest; he was too strong.

I didn't understand this place. It was so vast; so large, and I couldn't remember how I arrived. Cold wet soaked me more as I was moved against my will through the night that kept getting colder. The ground kept fluctuating untill a sharp blow from knocked the back of my head. "S-stop making t-the g-ground sh-shift like that; you'll w-wake the terra d-dragoons."

Terra dragoons? What in the living waking night is a terra dragoon? The ground underneath me shivered, bulged and seemed to hiss. The shaking hands abruptly stopped, and their owner whimpered.

Oil black poked up from the ground, slithering and writhing. A sleek, eyeless head, and an armoured muzzle huffed into the night. Blackened, rotten knives stuck out from the dark maw, flashing in the moonlight. Moonlight?

In the sky, two giant white marbles, one slightly larger than the other were now lighting up the sky, and as quick as the smooth head appeared, it shreiked and dipped back under ground. "His eyes! Logic knows you're here!"

It was the first time I had heard him without a stutter; and he sounded like me, yet different.

Then, as soon as the two skylights appeared, they vanished. The gound under me shifted slightly, feeling like a tarp being filled with sand underneath. And the stuttering, nervous voice returned. "T-terra modifiers. L-logic, h-he knows y-you're here."

"Where is here?" My voice felt dreadfully small as the ground started moving, accelerating.

The strong fingers released my collar and turned me about, and I saw my own face; panic stricken, with eyes as bloodshot as wallnut sized rubies. "N-now is n-not t-the time, n-nor the p-place."

I cried out sharply, seeing him... me... seeing my lips say things in my voice with a broken stutter, and jerked sharply away. The eyes did not blink; neither did they flinch, wince, or move away from where I was. He didn't say anything.

The wave of land sailed over the hills; towards a light on the horizon that continually grew a stronger, brighter white. The epicenter of the white light was a city of gold and glass; as bright and viscious as the noon day sun. 

Twisting spires of opaque and tranlucent danced with firey autumn gold. I felt the want to shield my eyes, and ignored it; even though the brilliance was drilling holes in my eyes. I loved the city instantly. It called to me like no home had ever before. The glitter promised grandeuer and wealth; everything I could ever want was in that city.

It was everything... "Look away."

The voice again was mine; but the one with the tortured eyes hadn't been the one to speak. It snapped me out of my entrancement, and when I looked; I found another me. He was sharply dressed, and his hair fell just past his shoulders in a black wave. He reminded me of a shark.

"You may call me Logic."

His voice was strikingly commanding; violent even, but at the same time was cool and calculating.  "We missed your input, Paranoia; Brash, Brave, and Idiocy were practically out of their seats screaming for war."

"I-i-idiots." Paranoia, stumbled out.

"And you, Leon, you are here." He smiled, as if it were some inside joke.

"Where's here?" I asked, timdly; yet irritated.

"This is your dream, Leon", he chortled, grinning a malicious full toothed smile, "Welcome to your Dreamscape."



The End

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