I lay my head on my flat pillow that seems nice and inviting. I snuggle deep into my bed, wrapping the covers around my body, until.. there. I am perfectly comfortable. 

I am content

reflecting, smiling, and missing for the day that has passed so quickly.

I raise my heart and prayers up, knowing they are heard.

My eyes slowly close, then I am drifting into the silent black sleep. 

But for some it doesn't stay black for long. Suddenly everything explodes into color. 

beaches, creatures with no name, smiling faces, laughing green eyes hidden under thick black hair, secret kisses, a handsome prince, all wrapped in my mind.

Then they drift slowly away as the house wakes up for a brand new day.

I open my eyes to sunshine, sad, reflecting, smiling, and missing the dreams that always come to an end. 

So many things locked away in my mind- just waiting until my body is at ease and my mind wide open to come out!

The End

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