Dear chicken (actually I don't think I'm going to call you that, its a bit cheesy! And embarrassing!)

Dear... older me, (Defiantly better, well, I am going to be the one reading this and I am going to be older! jajaja)

Going back to what I just wrote I hope you know what jajaja means, (I should be fluent in 'espanol' by the time I read this!) Anyway, if you don't know, it means 'lol' or 'hahaha' in Spanish! This is the first entry in my new diary and you probably want to know what I look like at the moment.

I have horrible mousy brown hair that comes down to just above my shoulders (for some reason all my friends say its nice when ever I say its horrible, they must be blind!) and blue eyes. I am just under average height but that doesn't really matter because most of my friends are smaller than me anyway! I love baking especially cakes and I'm (in my friends words) 'amazing' at decorating them! I also love ice-skating and I go twice a week to lessons at ice-Sheffield, at the moment I'm in level 5 (which is my lucky number)!

Well, back to 'normal' diary writing! Today (thursday) I had an... well, o.k day, I can't think of anything that interesting that happened apart from getting a ton of homework! Boring! And in Spanish I got sent out (the first time ever) for laughing too much! Ha, well, thats just me, I am really giddy, but it was so funny at the time! Sorry, got to go now, my mum's calling me, which means I should probably start getting ready for ice-skating(that's what I was meant to be doing well I was writing this!) Bye!

The End

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