Back again!


Sorry, I haven't been able to write anything in here for ages, I've been having so much fun in the snow!

Dear Diary,                 

Its just over a week since my last entry and i've the best week ever! You know I said I was wishing for a snow-day? Well, we got three! On tuesday i didn't do much, same on wednesday but on thursday it was amazing! On thursday me, Elina and Abby took the bus over to where Natalia lives (Oh yea, we meet Em at the bus-stop!) . We met up with Tash, Meg, Ann-marie and Hannah and had the most amazing time ever! We went sledging on a hill in Nat's local park and there was about a foot of snow; I was really surprised because we were the only people at the hill, apart from a few younger kids and a couple of boys from our year, we had the run to our-selves! I got so wet and cold falling off the sledge (especially on the trains that we did on our sledges) that I could hardly open the door to Natalia's house!

Anyway back to now, most of the snow has gone now and although yesterday we missed period one because it was so icy everything is basically back to normal. Today we had all our normal lessons and I've just finished my geography homework due in on Friday. Today, hmm, well, it wasn't that interesting... It was just a normal wednesday really; I started talking to Jesse though, he seems really nice but well, I don't really know him and I think Casper, his best friend, seems more interested in me! 

The End

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