Kat                                                                                                                                                               Hmm... I don't know what to write, 'Dear Diary' sounds way too cheesy. Maybe I'll just start writing... Well, you should probably know some basic info about me; I'm Kat (please don't call me Katarina - my full name - I hate it!), I'm thirteen years old and I live in Sheffield, England, half the time with my Mum and half with my Dad! I love swimming and netball and i swim four or five times a week at cosss ( City Of Sheffield Swim Squad!) I have just over shoulder-length dark brown hair that is curly and impossible to keep looking brushed, I have hazel eyes; although my friends keep telling me that my eyes have changed color and that there actually green, and i'm about average height for my age. 

  I was back at school today after one of the best christmas' ever! All my cousins came over for nearly the whole time and we had a great time; even though it's so embarrassing that my eleven year old cousin, Alexia , is already an inch taller than me! The last of my cousins, (Barney, Jed and Abe) left yesterday to go back to Belfast and I'm already back to normal life! Anyway, back to now, its really cool because the forcast is for loads of snow tonight. I really hope its a snow-day tomorrow... Fingers crossed!

The End

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