Dream - March 11, 2011 (Caught)Mature

The jagged brown brick was cold beneath my nearly numb fingers. The air was thin and frigid, which made breathing difficult. I could feel the small hairs in my nostrils cling together every time I inhaled, and with each exhale my breath formed a nearly opaque mist in front of me.

I was getting good at scaling his wall, and although I was breathing heavily by the time I reached his window, that familiar triumphant feeling swelled in my chest as I pulled up onto the window sill. All I could see was his sleeping figure beneath the forest green sheets of his bed. His messy black hair stood out against the white cotton of his pillow case. He'd be getting a surprise tonight - though to be honest, most of my visits were unexpected.

My toes gripped the cement between the bricks under his window through my padded climbing shoes as I rested one elbow against the flat ledge. With my right hand I plucked the long, thin metal pick out of my spandex pocket, then carefully slid it under the metal window frame. It only took a flick to the left, and the lock unclipped. By carefully balancing my weight equally between both legs, I was able to use my hands to push up the window. I grabbed the inside ledge and pulled myself into his room as quietly as possible. Usually I keep the window open so I can get out quickly, but it was below freezing outside and I wanted to be the one that woke him - not the cold.

After silently closing the window, I felt the warmth of his room swirl around me like an old friend's embrace. After allowing a moment to absorb the heat, I crept across the carpet and knelt at the side of his bed. My hand hovered over his shoulder, and I listened for the soft snoring he made when he was in deep sleep. It should have been my first clue when I couldn't hear it. I frowned. Was he already awake, and knew I was behind him? I didn't shake him as I would have with my original plans. Instead I gently placed my hand on his arm. Instantly I knew something was wrong. There was no resistance, no substance beneath the blanket, just a plush filling that alarmed me. I grabbed the comforter and ripped it from the bed. What greeted me there was a body pillow. When I looked up at where his face should be, I was able to see a football wearing a black wig before I was descended upon. My arms were restrained behind my body by two large attackers, and although I kicked out and tried to free myself by flipping over them, they instead lunged forward so my legs were trapped by the bedframe, and they shoved me face-first into the body pillow. I heard the clank of the hand cuffs before I felt them against my wrists, and the pressure of the metal snapping against my skin instantly told me I would bruise. There were fingers in my hair and a hand against my lower back, and my head was yanked up. I grit my teeth against the man's putrid breath as he tilted my nose in his direction, and wondered how I hadn't smelled him the moment I entered the room.

"Thought you'd just drop by and surprise a friend, did ya?" I could tell he was nurturing that triumphant feeling I'd just experienced at the window. But hearing the victory in his voice made me hiss through my teeth.

"Forgot to shower before going on a mission, did ya?" I spat back, and though his companion chuckled he didn't seem very impressed with my wit. Instead, he took the hand he had in my hair and pressed my face back down into the pillow. When he didn't yank me back up, I realized he was trying to suffocate me. Were they allowed to kill me? I thought the price on my head was only valid if my heart was still beating! I struggled, trying to use my shoulders as some kind of leverage so I could suck some air into my lungs, but with the odds two against one, I knew I was doomed. So I stopped wriggling under their hold, and went completely still. I was able to slowly breathe whatever air particles were left in the pillow before I felt his hold loosen a bit. I didn't dare move.

"No, hold her down a little longer. She could be faking it," His friend said. And despite the fact that he laughed at my joke, I despised him. I wish I saw his face so I'd know who to curse. I felt the pressure again on the back of my head, and as my brain detected the absence of oxygen, I really did struggle. "See?" Was the last, smug word I could hear before my body went slack for real.

The End

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