Draw blood from the stone

Fairy world

The magic realm
There are some things that are better kept secret. There are some things we live and beath every day, but dont even know they are there. As children know and adults rarely understand, fairies are everywhere. Although they are found in your garden, in your home and even in the woods, there is a place far away from earth, an enchanted realm, where no mortal can set foot, which these beautiful creatures call home. If any human being were to take a glimpse of this gorgeous world, they wouldnt be able to understand. They wouldnt believe there eyes, it would be too much to take in. Rivers and streams run right through out their world, although they are full of gold, shimmering so brightly. Lakes are full of pure rain water, although it never rains here. The sky can change from blue to green in an instant and there are stars wether its day or night. They are silver and bigger than our stars here. The clouds look like candy floss and look like you could reach out and touch them. Flowers of every description are found here, roses, violets, lillies to fantastical creations of silver and gold. In the shops, pixies sell fairy food, clothes and shoes alongside fairy dust, wands and ingredients for magic spells. A typical grocery store would be bursting with honey dew-drop drinks and fruit, and would stock more herbs than you have ever heard of. They have strange names like Mouse-ear Hawkweed, Hog's Fennel and Squirting Cumcumber. Fairies use gold for money but if your ever tried to take it out of this world, it would turn to dry leaves right infront of your eyes. Its a lovely world to live and for the most part, everyone gets along very well. Bad fairis are banished by Lavinia, Queen of the land and must complete a gruelling course before they can return. Those that are exceptionally good are granted a certificate or excellency, the highest honour a Queen Fairy can bestow. Fairies are permitted to leave, or are sent away by the Queen, to do good work in the human world. Before travelling, they must sign a pledge to stay as far away from human adults as possible. They are then questioned by the high council, and given written permission from the council and the Queen. Any fairy that leaves without seeking permission is banned from returning for a full seven years. Departing fairies are given a full farewell party by their friends and families before heading off to the houses, gardens, woodlands and oceans of the human world.
On top of the highest mountain, overlooking all of the land stands magnificent, bright and shining castle. Her lives Lavinia, Queen of the fairies and her husband, Malik, king of the fairies. Beautiful and graceful, Lavnina is attended by flower fairy maids. She is kind and fair to her subjects, who are always welcome at the castle. Lavinia loves to throw fantastic parties in the castle banquet hall. Fairies love to attned these wonderful gatherings, held only on the full moon. Dressed in the most exquisite and sparkling gowns they feast on berries, honey dew, nectar and honey. When the meal is complete, they dance the night away in the Castle Ballroom, by the light of the moon, almost until day-break. Along the hall lives the throne room. Here, they sort out disputes, and listen to comments and suggestions from all fairies. Everyone is welcome in here once a day. There are rules in this world, just like in ours. They must be followed, or dealt with accordingly.

1. A fairy must be considerate to his or her fellow citizens
2. Deliberate damage to property or natures treasures will not be tolerated
3. Animals are our friends and cruelty to them is an offence
4. Mocking and bullying others because of their pointy ears, large nose or flat feet is strictly forbidden
5. Litter should never be dropped in the streets and must be recycled in every instance
6. Any item stolen by a resident will instantly turn to dust
7. Tricks played on friends and neighbours must be merely mischievious, not malicious
8. Fairies who leave the kingdom must return for the summer festivities or will be unable to return for seven years
9. Returning fairies must NEVER lead a human to our world, or hell will break loose
10. The Queen must be obeyed at all times

Although they are playful creatures, fairies are also hard workers. Most do their best to make the world a good place for humans. A few naughty fairies use all their efforts to play tricks on humans. Most children have a fairy godmother, although they rarely show themselves. If you find your fairy godmother, make the most of it. They are only given the power to help each child once, so make sure you ask for the right favour. They have beautiful long white flowing hair, an aura of gold, shadows them wherever they go. They have bautiful magic wands but not all fairies carry them. They have to be extra careful not to loose them, as they can be very dangerous in the wrong hands. The perfect wand is made from a hazel stick. It is whittled, which means the bark is cut away, and a sparkling crystal is tied to the end. The wand is sprinkled with fairy dust to give it special powers. A fairy always writes his or her name, in invisible letters that only they can read, on the wood. They have a special ointment which is applied to newborn babies eyes, so if they choose, they can see the magic world which is never revealed to adult eyes. The four leafed clover is a tiny magical plant. They are extremely rare and very precious to fairies. Humans consider them lucky too so if you ever find one, keep it safe. Fairies believe they ward off bad spells. The first leaf is for hope, the second, faith, and the third, love. The fourth leaf is for luck. The most important of work tools that fairy could come across is fairy dust. A fairy would never travel without a pouch or it in their belts. The ingredients are secret, known only to the King and Queen. It is thought that the dust falls from the moon and the stars at night. It is usually gold or silver although some of the flower fairies ground petals from flowers to make it pink or purple. Fairy dust contains so much magic that the fairies' spells will work on anything it touches.

Changelings are fairy children that have been left in place of human babies, so that the fairies may have a human servant. Changelings are usually bad tempered, with a face of an old man or woman. They are exceptionally irritating but also very rare. Among all fairies, House Fairies are probably the most useful to humans. As in all fairy domains, these are those who are naughty and un-helpful, but, for the most part, the house fairies help with chores and look after the family. One thing these fairies have in common is the love of a clean house! They also need to be treated well - insult one and things could start to go wrong around the home. The housekeeper fairy helps to manage the house work and watches over the family. Mum and Dad might notice the house looking extra clean, but would never suspect a fairy was at work!
This fairy loves children and will often choose a warm loving home full of children, particularly if Mum is overworked and tired. As well as helping with the housework, a housekeeper fairy will also tuck in children at night and close windows if they are cold. She loves strawberries and cream, and would love if you left them out as a gift. Each house will only have one fairy housekeeper, they instruct brownies and silkies to work. Silkies are the pretty fairies, who dress in white or grey silk dresses. Silkies used to use servants to do their chores, nowadays, the silkies will do their chores themselves to help families who are to busy to clean properly. They can be very useful, often leading you to your lost keys or documents. However, unlike brownies, they have a mischievious side too and like to amuse themselves by jumping out of trees and scaring travellers. Brownies are cheerful little sprites, they endlessly help and love to do the housework. They are not the prettiest of creatures, with flat faces and lots of hair, but they have the most enchanting smiles and friendly characters. They love to play with children and any child lucky enough to meet a brownie will be entertained with wonderful stories and beautiful songs. The only thing that will drive your brownie away is leaving a gift out for them. This insults their good nature and they will never return. The Boggart is not a welcome visitor in any home. Dirty and smelly gnome like creatures, they wear wrinkled and dusty clothing. They are extremelly bad tempered and love playing nasty tricks such as tipping over jugs and loudly slamming doors. They love to torment animals and pulling tails. They make dogs bark and cats hiss. They are difficult to get rid of but can be done.
Of all the worlds fairies, these found at the bottom of the garden are the smallest of faires. Their tiny size means that they can live close to humans. On rare occasions they are spotted, it is usually by a child. After all, children take notice of things better than adults. Fairies that tend to the garden flowers are busy workers and wake very early in the morning to make sure the plants have enough dew drops. They make sure buds bloom and trees blossom. If colours are not quite right they use fairy dust to set them straight. They are incredibly beautiful and dress in delicate dresses and outfits made from fallen petals and leaves.
Pixies are tiny winged creatures with pointed noses and ears, they are extremelly friendly and helpful around the garden. They do still love playing pranks on humans, such as hiding tools, or making flowers grow in the wrong direction. Pixies love to dance and often gather at pixie fairs. Human children can sometimes tell where they have met, often leaving a shimmering footprint of fairy dust. On the more practical land of a farm, the fairies are very different from the delicate creatures in the gardens. They are strong by nature and therefore can help with the heavier work involved. Delicate farm elfs deal with the more gentle chores. They are the smallest and prettiest of the farm workers. They can be found helping milk turn to butter and giving the cheese its succulent rind. They also love to look after the smaller animals on the farm but stay right away from the cats! Farmhand fairies are often wet on arrival, they travel down rivers and streams. If let in to dry by the fire, she will often bring you good luck.

Forests are great places fro the shy natured fairies to hide. They build their homes in the trunks of trees, up high, safe from prying eyes. They love the world of no litter, no noises from the human world. During the day woodland fairies spend their day looking after tress, plants and flowers of the forest, as well as animals. Most creatures of the woods will let the tired woodland fairies ride on their backs. They love midnight picnics and preparing feasts to serve to their friends. They are fond of nuts, berries, acorns, but their favourite food is honey. Pixies collect this sweet treat from the bees and deliver it to the woodland fairies. They love each others company and get together to share secrets and gossip. At night they gather together to talk and dance, often at a spot with a circle of toadstools known as the fairy ring. Toadstools are another home of the woodland faires, living up under the top. Gnomes are very wise and love things that glitter, especially gem stones. They are gaurdians of mines and quarries and are often found living in the forest. Wood Nymphs live in trees and will stay alive as long as the tree does. They are beautiful and kind but will get angry if their homes are damaged. They love to see children climbing and having fun with the trees, but make sure you never break a branch. Butterflies are beautiful and extremely rare. They have colourful wings like that of the butterfly. They live deep in the forest and feed on the flower nectar and honey. They are the shy fairies and are hardly ever spotted. Woodland sprites love water and are usually found in a stream or near a river. They enjoy teasing butterflies but are never spiteful. In autumn, it is there job to paint the leaves red, gold and yellow.

Water has magical qualities and attracts many types of fairies. Wether they live in vast seas, tranquil lakes or tiny streams, the water fairies look after plants, fish and any other creatures that dwell in underwater homes. The fin folk or sea gardeners, are tiny pixies who live in their own underwater paradise. They live mostly under seas and oceans around the world. The swim with this deepest creatures of the great blue world. They can also be found in lagoons and saltwater lakes. Gardening is the fin folks favourite pastime and their kingdoms are full of colourful glistening flowers. They spend their waking hours tending to the ocean floors, and lake beds, looking after the wildlife of their surroundings. They have special powers and spells to protect them from the harmful creatures of water. Fin Folk can grow flowers and sea plants never seen to the human eye. Flowers of colours never seen in the gardens of the human world, such as silver and gold, black and gold and unamed colours. They have even grown a rose which had the seven colours of the rainbow. Only a few lucky people have seen a glimpse of these underwater realms, a magical sight which is never forgotten. Female water sprites known as Glastigs have the faces and the bodies of beautiful women, but have the hooves of goats. They love music and sometimes help women and children who are in trouble, but they can be very dangerous to human men, luring them into traps with their soul filled voices, and sweet alluring music. Water Nymphs watch over fountains, springs or wells and streams. Each Nymph has her own stream or lake and never strays from her own. They nourish the land and the crops around their territory. They help plants grow and can give the water magical healing powers. Those that drink from a stream, fountain or well thats home to a water nymph will soon find good luck following them. The Asrai fairy is so small but so beautiful. They are extremelly hard to spot as they hate sunlight and are so delicate, you can see right through them. They live in the deep blue seas and only come out on the surface of moonless nights, once every hundred years. Water sprites are tiny and look like human females, but with hair as blue as the sea they live in. They are able to breath in both air and water, and are friendly unless threatened. They help humans in danger, and anyone who has fallen overboard.

The End

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