Hot water

Because of the incident with the squirrels Sage was sentenced to field work. Her assignment was to spy on the Governor who was rumored to have been harboring demons in his Calvary, who were toying with the minds of uncooperative citizens.

She bit her lip from laughing when the Captain assigned her this mission. Her father wasn't harboring demon's if so she would have known, if anything he, himself was a demon. Of course she couldn't tell the Captain that. He still wasn't aware of who her father was and if he did know, she would have been renounced from the Jackdaw, which was oddly the only place that she ever felt at home.

Though now she was faced with a daunting task. How would she spy on her father? Or even get close to his watchmen without being immediately noticed. She thought about a lie she might be able to sell the captain in a couple days time; she could simply say she spied on the Governor, and found no reason to suspect demons were involved. Only she couldn’t betray his trust...again. The last thing she wanted was to be in hot water with him or the crew.

While she was mulling this over in the dinning room, the captain walked by his boots making a crisp, almost authoritative sound on the wooden floor. Sage tried not to show disrespect by rolling her eyes, but ever since the mishap with the poisonous squirrels the men in the crew found it amusing to taunt her by strutting about in hopes of intimidating her.

Sage perked up as an idea formed in her head. She waited until the crew went out to ale their spirits with Gin and whiskey. Once they had left she quickly gathered some of their attire. She took the smallest pair of boots she could find, she stuffed the toes so their wasn't any extra room for her feet to slip. She found a pair of gentleman’s trousers, and wormed her way into those. Along with a loose shirt that wouldn't give away any of her feminine attributes. She pulled her hair back and did the unthinkable. She took the captain's spare hat. She almost looked the part of a man, but there was one more thing she was missing...

Once outside Sage knelt down and touched the earth. If her mother could see her now, she thought smearing dirt on her hands and face.

Sage made a deal out of puffing out her chest, carefully demonstrating the demeanor of a captain. People whistled at her as she strutted through the town searching for her father, she was enjoying the attention and playing the role of a hero. Her ego dimmed some, when she heard one of the artisan’s laugh “What a puny little man, he calls himself a captain!” Some other nearby men joined in his laughter.

“How dare you!” She roared, she had half a mind to set him straight.

“Oy it even talks like a women.” The man added.

Suddenly she wasn't the stealthy spy she had envisioned but the laughing stalk of the town. Angrily she readied and raised her crossbow at the man. In that instant, the laughter came to an abrupt end and a large group of men pulled their swords. their deadly gazes fixed on her.

She was outnumbered there was only one thing she could do. Run. It was the only advantage she might have over these large clumsy men. So she ran, and they were unable to keep up. She ran until she hit a hard barrier. She landed with a thud on her butt. She looked up at the obstruction. It wasn't really a barrier but Drakmor. “You.” She said stunned.

“Do I know you?” He asked.

Sage dropped her voice to a whisper, “Yes it's me Sage.”

Drakmor leaned over her. “ Oh it's you!” He laughed, “ And let me guess you need my help?” He said tauntingly.

The End

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