Comox Part Two

A tiny green yacht, with its fore-mast sails up, rested on the waters off Goose Spit. Setting out from the marina at noon, the boat stayed around those waters to the dying light of day. Kenneth Page woke in the middle of the night, a nicotine craving being an un-requested alarm clock. He stepped out into the ocean air from below, lit a smoke and peered at the lights of downtown. A distant rumble caught Kenneth’s ear, up in Comox at the airport. He turned and watched as the outlines of two fighter jets, hard to tell what model, rose off the runway and into the air. Straight up they flew, Kenneth could tell, by the blinking lights from the belly of the machine.

He stared at the noses of the jets, held high, disappearing into the night, as if falling towards the stars. Another two jets roared to life, taking off up island. Kenneth flicked the smoldering butt into the ocean and reached for a new one. He fumbled with the pack, dropping it in the water, as a startling flash of light erupted from the mountains in the west. The percussion of the blast hit Kenneth as a faded roar. Ripples surround the yacht, rocking back and forth from a falling Kenneth, stumbling over ropes on the deck. He flips over, digs into his pocket for his cell phone, and presses some numbers. A groggy voice picks up and coughs out a weak hello.


“It’s Kenneth, did you see that?”

“Kenneth? What the bloody hell time is it? 1 o’clock? Are you out of your bloody mind?”

“Sir, bombs just exploded on the mountains, I think near the glacier, you need to get down to the base and find out what’s going on”

“Bombs? That’s absurd Kenneth”

“I watched two, no, four fighter jets take off from the airport, about five minutes apart. Two of them have already released their cargo, I have yet to see or hear from the other two since”

“Took off from the airport you say? You mean they were a few of our own?”

“That would be my assumption, sir”

“Meet me at the base as fast as you can”

“I will certainly try, sir”


Kenneth hung up and set to starting the back up gas powered emergency motor, a few pulls of the cord and the motor was purring. Kenneth headed into the marina.

The End

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