Dragons VS Humans

a dragon fights with a unicorn, but then it goes horribly wrong, for the dragon gets captured by humans.

 The dragon reared high, roaring in rage and whipping his tail around himself in a frenzy. The burning iron chains cut into
his ankles. The surrounding humans jeered and poked their sharpened sticks at him. He roared angrily, and tried to raise his head, but the cruel burning iron tightened around his neck, weakening him, and holding his head to the ground.

 "Release me!" he roared, both with his mind and with his voice, his voice ringing through their mental landscapes, and
through the surrounding trees. A scream rang through the clearing, as somebody fell to the ground, clutching their head in pain. The power in his voice was unrestrained, the only thing that stopped him killing them out of anger was intelligence; if he killed all of them, no one would be able to free him, not even his fellow mythical creatures who were at the moment, preventing the humans' escape, for if they escaped, the iron would eventually sap all of his strength and he would die.

 The pegasus soared around the perimeter of the forest, making sure they weren't escaping from an underground tunnel,
the minotaurs were spread throughout the forest, making sure they weren't slipping past the ring of unicorns who were hidden around the camp, making sure no one got past with a back pack (they still had to hunt for their meals). So the humans couldn't escape,
but until they could go, they wouldn't release the dragon they held captive. So there was a dilemma; risk letting the humans go and leaving their prisoner tied to the ground, or they could keep them there and leave their captive tied to the ground until they could leave.

The dragon pulled upwards, harder than he had dared before now in case the iron sapped all of his strength. He pulled harder,
causing the chain top pull tight. The humans ran around him, screaming and pointing. Then a voice called out above the clamour.

"Grab tranquilisers! Extra dosage! Hurry!" roared a tall man, striding through the crowd as though they were instubstantial.
Everybody nodded and ran in different directions; the majority ran towards a large tent, with the words Gun Storage stamped on the entrance.

The rest ran in the opposite direction, towards another storage tent, this one labelled Tranquiliser Darts. A few minutes later, the humans returned with guns and a handful of tranquilisers each.

 "Arm yourselves!" roared their leader, who was a man called James. "Fire at will!"

 About ten of them surrounded the dragon, who was a handsome blue creature by the name of Gawain, with eyes to match his
scales, and the rest rushed into the trees and started to fire at the surrounding unicorns and minotaurs. A bull's roaar split the silence, summoning the pegasus to them. A unicorn's whinny echoed through the glade, indicating that one of the darts had found its target. A scream and a thump told the others that a minotaur had charged the culprit.

Gawain rested for a minute, then pulled as hard as he could, and as he did, he felt something shift in the peg that held his neck
down. He pulled harder, and the peg flew out of the ground. He gave a roar of triumph and pulled his front leg as hard as he could, and the peg flew out and hit one of the humans on the head, causing him to fall, unconscious, to the ground. Gawain continued to pull his paws as high as they would go, and one by one the pegs came out of the ground.

When the final peg flew out of the ground, Gawain roared and turned to James with murder in his eyes. Even James flinched at the look on the dragon's face. Then he smirked and brought his gun up and aimed at the dragons Jugular Vein. Gawain gave a hiss of rage, looked up, and blew a riplling sheet of flame upwards. James' eyes widened; he hadn't realised Gawain could breathe fire.

 "Release me, or die!" roared Gawain, preferring to use a mental voice.

 "No," said James, obstinately.

 "What?" demandeed Gawain, not sure he had heard right.

 "No!" said James, louder and firmer. "If I leave those on, you won't have your full strength. If I take them off, you will have your full
strength, and could kill this whole expedition!"

 "This is no expedition!" thundered Gawain. "This is an imprisonment camp!"

 "No, that's where you're wrong," James informed the irate dragon.

"We capture animals to study them, then we release them, if they are common in zoos, but if they aren't that common, we keep them in pleasurable conditions, then sell them to zoos, who keep them in large cages to be admired by hundreds of people. Isn't that better than acting, well, like a wild animal?"

"No! It isn't! We may be wild animals, but we are still free!" Gawain snarled. "I would much prefer that to being caged up!"

 James was silent. Gawain gave a hiss as a tranquiliser zoomed past him. The culprit, a terrified man, screamed as Gawain looked at him, and turned tail and ran. Gawain growled and leapt after him, using his wings to prolong his jump. He landed in front of the man, who crumpled to the ground, and begged for mercy.

"Don't hurt me!" he begged, and began sobbing on the ground.

"Stand up, pathetic vermin!" snarled Gawain. The man unsteadily climbed to his feet. "If you want me to show you mercy, you will do something for me. I want you to tell as many of your men to lay down their guns, and depart. If you are unarmed, my friends will let you pass. But first, get the keys to these manacles, and unlock me."

 The man nodded, and ran off in the direction of a red tent. Gawain gave a satisfactory snort, and sat down on his haunches with the air of a satisfied cat.

He watched carefully as the man disappeared within the tent, and emerge again. This time, instead of a gun, he held an iron key. As he approached, Gawain lay down, allowing him to reach the locks on the manacles. The man shakily unlocked them. Gawain felt a surge of relief as the burning iron fell away.

 "Thank you, now spread the word," Gawain told him. The man nodded, and ran away. Gawain spread his wings, revelling in his full strength; he hadn't been able to fly while the iron had been touching his scales. He flapped his wings and surged into the air, and landed near a group of snorting minotaurs.

 "Listen," Gawain called. "Whoever comes near without a gun, allow them through."

 "But what if they go and get reinforcements?" questioned their leader, a heavily muscled creature with a battle scar curving down his forearm.

 "Fine," answered Gawain. "Chase them out, then, once they're all gone, go home,"

The minotaurs gave smirks at each other, and with fierce battle cries charged at the defenceless humans, but never made contact. They always veered out of the way. Screams punctuated the clearing as the minotaurs chased them away. Then all was silent. The minotaurs stood for a moment, pleased with their efforts, then made their way out of the clearing. The pegasus and unicorns followed suit.

 Gawain turned and contemplated the clearing, pondering what had occured there, then turned and flew off into the deep unknown of the unexplored forest.

The End

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