Dragons of the East

"Dragons of the East" Is my experiment in writing an e-book through a mobile device, writing litle chunks when and where inspiration hits. It is designed to be read on a mobile device like the Kindle Fire it was written on.

Please give me feedback. Is it boring, exciting, too short or long, not descriptive enough or too much stuff?

Chapter 1-  "A Name For Myself"


*thump thump*


*thump THUMP*

With every name the dean calls out, my heart beats so hard that everyone must be able to hear. The suspense of graduation day is sweet with anticipation and bitter with anxiety. After several years of study and preperation, this one day determines the fate of every senior student, myself included.

Four years of my life dedicated to the study of dragons. Their diet, history, breeding, anatomy, and even some of the mathmatical theories about dragon flight were more familiar to me than the students with which I studied. It wasn't that we didn't like each other, we just found dragons more fascinating than anything or anyone else.

Beside the wonder over dragons in general, there is also more than a little hope; hope for the famed, privaleged position of Rider. To be praised and feared, to fly the skies, to, quite literally, make a name for oneself. Everyone is named by a compounded system of family and status. My name is...

"De-Lanra!" The dean glared at me, apparently having called my name once already. I sheepishly half jogged to line up behind the other graduates.

My name comes from my father, Lan, and my mother, Ra.

The guy in front of me stifles a snort of laughter at my mishap.

Everyone unmarried has a prefix 'De' in front of their parents' names.

My parents smile at me encouragingly from the crowd of families.

Men have the father's three-letter name first and women get their mother's two letter name first. Servents give up their name for Heyu followed by the first letter of their old name and a gender suffix. Dragon Riders get to choose a first name to add on to their family name. That was what we all hoped for, to make a name for ourselves.

The End

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