Soham went a ways from the camp, northwards. Tall pine trees towered overhead. It was strangely comforting. Like a blanket, they swathed her in a soft greenness. She sat on her haunches and regarded a woodpecker, sitting on a tree branch. It had a strange red crest on it's head, and cawed most unusually.

"Come..." someone, or something, whispered. "Soham..." It was just the wind. But a strange wind it was. Coming from the north. Soham angled towards it, jumping over logs and constantly pricking her ears to the sounds. The wind suddenly blew from the south, picking her up and pulling her along.

Squealing, Soham struggled in the air. "No..." the wind whispered. "Come..."

But then a new voice was shouting, it was the brown dragon. "Soham! Soham!" He came into view, flying as fast as the crowded trees could allow. "The wind! The wind! Fight, Queen!" But Soham was sanguine about her course. She angled towards the North. Faster and faster, landscape flew past.

"I'm going to meet Mama and Papa!" Soham shouted. "North!" The brown dragon fell behind, the wind still carrying Soham along. She laughed exueberantly. Only a few minutes later, the wind abated, depositing her gentling on the ground. Still, she started to the North.

"Dearest..." the wind whispered. "Soham... Come..." But now she realized the voice. Mama.

"I'm coming!" she cried. And she began the long trek, northwards.

The End

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