Air Free

Later, when Soham was winded and her legs ached, a light appeared around a corner. "Light! We are almost there!" Evfa cried. "No, not Hestia, but the outpost. I have only heard of the outpost. It is a place where some Hestians stay, to guide those who escape from the Dragon's Nest to Hestia."

Without a word, they both ran, jumping as high as the ceiling would let them. The light got much larger, and suddenly they were in the open. A brown dragon suddenly blocked their view.

"Who are you, to come to our domain?" he growled. Soham then saw him yelp, a most unusual sound, and them respectfully backed off. "Queen, Soham!" he cried. "You have been needed, for danger stalks this land."

He then saw Evfa, and craned his neck to look at her. Moving close, he whispered something to her, to which Evfa replied, reluctantly. Then, a little heap of rags, sitting on a rock a ways away, stood up.

"Ah, this would be Ptolemy. Ptolemy, come and meet queen Soham, the one that we have waited for!" The rags, Soham realized, was a human. He was short, dirty, and walked bent over.

"Aha there! The dragon queen! Good fortune to you, dragon." he croaked, looking straight at her. He had a short snout, and alien features, but Soham knew him... somehow. Of course, her instincts would cover this. She could talk to this heap of rags.

"Hello, Ptolemy. Uh- I'm pleased to meet you." He cackled like a bird, and shook his head, muttering about hatchlings. The brown dragon then led them to a small encampment of tents and dents in the ground, obviously beds for the dragons, of which there were a few lumbering around.

The brown dragon nearly crowed the news to all of the humans and dragons that wandered around the camp. The humans stumbled out of their tents, dirty, smelly, and ragged things. One or two walked back into their tents, but most stayed outside to watch the brown dragon make a speech about, "The Time For The Uprising".

Evfa drew Soham aside, away from the crowd that yelled and shouted happily. "It's good here, Soham. My mother said so. I think the humans take some getting used to."

"Yes, I think so too. I- I want to take a walk alone, if that's okay."

"I thought so. Well, I don't think we could stop you. So, go. I'll see you in a bit, so make sure you're back soon"

The End

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