For what seemed like hours, Evfa led Soham down the tunnel. She seemed to have come over her bout of anger, and told Soham of Cloud-Wing, Konra, and their other relatives. Icilm's brother, both of their's grandfather, was named Keyg-wa, and he had run away to Hestia when Malsila had come into power. "Maybe he's still alive..." Evfa murmured.

During the time Evfa was silent, Soham tried to organize the unruly thoughts and instincts that assailed her now that her attention came to them. One memory was quite pugent, of a beautiful pair of dragons, one male and one female. Soham knew they were her parents.

Konra was orange, a most unusual shade that seemed to absorb the light of the sun behind them. Cloud-Wing was black, though, and hovered above Konra in the air. She was much larger, and in her eyes fathoms of knowledge- the knowledge of the North- hovered, right below the surface of mild sadness.

"Soham, dear." she said, in a wild, but soft, voice. "We gave you this memory of us, your parents, so that you may know us. We shall meet one day, I hope. I must tell you where we are, though. We know Malsila might try to use you, do not believe him!"

"Dear, love, Soham." Konra spoke for the first time, "We think that, maybe, you may have escaped with Evfa, Hazel-a's daughter. If so, please relay to her our utmost thanks. We are not at Hestia, but in the North. Not the true North, but more northern than Malsila or the Hestians are willing to go.

"We do not know... do not trust anyone, whether they be friend or foe... Know that we love you."

Cloud-Wing spoke again, "When I knew that you were the one I had to tell Hazel-a, because she was my very best friend. I hope she is still alive, but I know Evfa is going to be there for you, so I think that must mean Hazel-a will be dead. I wish you could have met your aunt, but I think that is not going to happen.

"We are prepared for many of your futures. Should you escape the Dragon's Nest alone, come and seek us immediatly. I shall know where you are when you enter my domain, and shall come to you. If you are still in the custody of Malsila, get away at first chance. If you can, bring Evfa. She will take you to Hestia by the passage that has been used for years.

"It was made by the first of the rebels, but we cannot tell you half of what I wished we could. Find us if you can, but do not endanger yourself. But do not commit yourself blindly. We trust you..."

The End

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