"I- I don't know, Evfa. Evfa, what if I can't! What, what- what does that mean? Ohh...!" Soham squealed, but before Evfa could comfort her, she said, "Wait! I- I don't care whether or not I can breathe fire, because it doesn't matter! If that makes me my mother's child, then I welcome the chance to show my heritage!"

Evfa cocked her head to the side. "You are wise, little Soham. Wiser than I was when I was as young as you. Well, I shouldn't flatter myself, I'm only a few years older than you. I guess we might want to leave now, little Soham. It's time we start the journey of our lives."

Soham went to the wall  and looked up. All these carvings, dragons, humans, animals, and glyphs, looked too delicate to have been carved by the claws of dragons. She questioned Evfa about them, who said, "Yes, these were carved by the humans from the rebel group, Hestia.

"It must sound to you like there are a great number of dragons who have abandoned Snow-Whale's traditions, but very few even know that there are rebels that threaten their way of life. Icilm didn't. He had many evil-hearted nobles around him that kept this knowledge from him. Come, we must leave before Malsila and his group can find this place. He's quite determined."

Together, they went to the mouth of the west entrance, which had a long row of glyphs above it. "Those say, "This is the western exit, and the entrance to the world of freedom and peace, the western world, Hestia." Evfa aid, with a sadness in her eyes. "That's how my mother died. Malsila found her trying to sneak away to Hestia. He killed her."

Without another word she whirled around and stalked down the tunnel. Soham thought, She must have been close to her mother... And she must be quite angry against Malsila for taking that away from her. 

Soham followed Evfa down the tunnel, running to keep up with her cousin. The earth still sloped downwards, while also getting more and more narrow. It was no trouble to either of them, because they were quite small, but Malsila or a larger dragon would have to crawl on their stomach to get through the tunnel.

Soham also noticed the ground changing: the earth was more and more dirt and less stone. Suddenly, supports started to appear, more and more frequently. More evidence of human interaction.

Even with her limited experience, Soham knew more than she could understand. She knew, for instance, that she had just stepped through a door... and a barrier that signalled her life would never be normal.

The End

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