Fire Power

Evfa moved closer to Soham, and wrapped a wing around her comfortingly. "You know, we are cousins, little Soham. My mother and you father are sister and brother. Your father isn't Malsila, Malsila doesn't have any children, or a mate." She took away her wing from Soham, saying,

"Your father though, is Icilm's brother's son. That would make you his great-niece, I think. If so, I would be his great-niece too. Almost all dragons are closely related. In any case, your father's name is, or was, Konra. Neither he, nor your mother, Cloud-Wing, have been seen for a long time. I believe Cloud-Wing was part dragon-demon, for she was quite... different.

"A dragon-demon is a dragon that comes from our ancestral home in the North. Few dragons live there now, except for these dragon-demons. They have the bodies of dragons but the spirits of the North control them. The north is an evil place, which is why we moved south melenia ago.

"Your mother said that she knew her daughter would be the new queen. This is one of the odd things about her. She could tell some of the future, but only ever fleeting, incomplete glimpses. Malsila knew this, so he exiled her. He thought however, that the new queen could be useful to him, as a tool to carry out him secret business.

"Soon after, it leaked out the words of Gerald, and the prophesy of Cloud-Wing. Knowing he was in danger, your father Konra escaped, maybe to find Cloud-Wing. My mother was named Hazel-a. She's... dead now." A tear welled in Evfa's eye, and rolled down her cheek before splashing on the claw-scored ground.

"It's okay, Evfa." Soham whispered. "It's okay, that I know."

"You, little cousin, have the wisdom of the dragon-demons. Though you are very little, you have the mind of one who has been to the North and back. Your mother's blood is strong in you. The spirits of the North hover close to you, but you are your own person, not theirs.

"The spirits of the North are really just wandering ghosts that have found their way together and live there, where few live now. Now, I must tell you about what you must do.

"Fire is what we have. Fire." Evfa breathed a long jet of flames towards the roof to emphasise her point. "But dragon-demons have no fire. Your mother did not, but she kept that very secret. I think the curse of... no fire, basically, might have come to you. Can you breathe fire, little Soham?"

The End

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