Stories, and Legends

Scrambling over the wet, slimy cave floor, Soham followed Evfa down the tunnel, and it really was down. The floor tilted a bit. Finally the small cave opened up into a huge chamber with another entrance on the other, western, side. Dragon claws scored the ground, and Soham noticed that all the water and slime went down a drain at the mouth of the chamber, where they had just come in.

"Soham..." Evfa started, "Little Soham, I shall tell you the story. No, don't interrupt me, and I shall tell you why- everything!

"Long ago, when our world was new, dragons... were more civilized. We could be kind and caring, and we all loved each other. But, we did not know of the existence of the other creatures, in the south. The... humans, that's what they're called, wanted to drive us away.

"They attacked us, but of course they perished beneath our claws and teeth. The leader king of the dragons at that time was named Snow-Whale, because he was old and white. He grew power hungry, and decided to attack them. I think he liked killing them, as if they were deer or some other lesser being. Really they are sentinant beings!

"Up to this day, most dragons follow in Snow-Whale's footsteps, devolving until we are little more than animals killing for glory. Snow-Whale wanted us to be kings- actually, manifest destiny really. Do you know what that means, little Soham?"

"Yes, that means they believed the were destined to rule, maybe by supernatural powers that appointed them kings of the world" Soham replied, wondering why Evfa looked so unsettled.

"That is not something a normal hatchling knows, which is why I must go on. Most of it is forgotten now, but once, there was an encounter with a human that changed the world.

"A human known as Gerald came to us, and requested an audience with the king of that time, Icilm. Now, Icilm was not really power hungry, nor did he believe in this manifest destiny, but he had to let his subject do what they want, if he were to keep his throne.

"The human was thrown into a dungeon of sorts, a pit in a mountain, without the consent of Icilm. One night, Icilm snuck out to the pit in the mountain, and heard what Gerald told him. Gerald said to the king, "There will come a time when a queen shall come, white she shall be, says the prophets of us, the humans.

"They say she shall be the one to wipe out violence between us. However, Icilm, we must wait, for she will not come for a long time. Our prophets do not know why they got this prophesy, not you, but it will impact us all."

"Icilm could not release Gerald, his subjects would not allow it. So, the next night, he came back to the prisoner, who said that both of them would die before this happened, so Icilm must tell all the dragons, then be dethroned, or killed, or exiled, and hope that a few kind-hearted dragons would oversee the birth of the new queen when he could not.

"Malsila is Icilm's son, and our king, at present. Icilm told Malsila, who at that time was quite young. Malsila believed his father then, but then had to watch as his father told the rest of the dragons publicly about the humans' predictions, and saw them tear Icilm apart, burn the bloody bit with their fire, and at that point, Malsila changed his mind.

"Becoming a young king, Malsila grew power hungry, and tried to wipe out those who believed Icilm's last words. My mother hid her knowledge of this, and told me that I must help right the world. That is the story that took place before you were feared. Now, I shall tell you your own story..."

The End

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