Dragon's Fire

Soham, a young dragon, is cast out of the dragon's nest. Alone, she goes to great lengths to find friends, family... and the ability to decide right, from wrong.

"...beautiful, danger."

Those were the first words she heard as she struggled out of her egg. Rocking back and forth, cracks appeared in the pale dragon shell around her. With a great shove of her wings, the egg shattered, sending white bits outward.

A green head snaked into view. Squealing, she covered herself with her wings, instinctivly hiding from this unknown threat. After a moment, she uncovered herself and looked into the eyes of the older dragon, that, somehow, seemed scared.

"Papa?" she asked, shaking herself all over.

"No little dragon. I am Malsila, and you... you are an abomination." He stood up, looking as if a snake had bitten him, into the eyes of the many dragons that had surrounded them. "And as such, you will be exiled."

"Please, may I at least explain to the little one, first?" A younger dragon pleaded. She was golden-brown, with a sad expression. She leaned closer to the little dragon and whispered, "Your mother and father wished your name to be Soham. Do you approved?"

Soham nodded vigorously.

Malsila roared, and yelled at the smaller dragon, "Should we let her know? Should we tell her of the things no one knew before, that would give her such power over us as would be greater than all the past kings and queens? Do you hear me, Evfa?"

"She's only a hatchling!"

"Does that matter? She is still the most dangerous thing that could happen to us! The dragon-demons!"

Soham, during this exchange, slipped behind Evfa. Suddenly, Evfa whirled around, smacking Malsila across the chest, while at the same time grabbing Soham by the scruff of her neck and then taking flight. Most of the other dragons come after her, including Malsila.

Evfa evaded them all, and while her new guardian dodged the enraged dragons, Soham surveyed the forest below: she had been on a flat plateau that rose only about a hundred feet above the forest floor, and though she had only instinct to tell her, Soham knew that it wasn't just any place, it was free of other eggs and dragons, so it must be some sort of meeting place.

Evfa swooped down, passing many caves that dotted the sides of the plateau. When the mob behind them disappeared around the corner, Evfa flew into a small cave, small enough that she had to go head-first, and squeeze herself through the opening.

Depositing her parcel on the floor, Evfa said, "Little dragon Soham, now, I shall tell you of which Malsila spoke. Come with me, this cave, of which few know, goes deep into the earth, and there we must speak."

Soham followed her new friend deep into the bowels of the earth, wondering... why her?

The End

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