Dragons At War

2 dragons are fighting for leadership of a colony of dragons.

The rock shook with the force of the impact. Loose pebbles rained down. The roars made themelves heard over the groaning rockface.
 The dragons quivered with rage and anticipation as they lunged at one another, claws swinging, teeth glimmering. Both of their bodies glittered with savage brilliance. The gold body, rippling with layers of muscle, shone with a blinding light. The smaller dragon's light blue scales radiating hundreds of flickering blue reflections over the surrounding rocks. The gold one was the leader of a small group of dragons, all of them loyal to their current king. The smaller blue creature, with handsome blue eyes, had challenged him, for leadership of the dragons.
 The fight took place in a small barren valley, cleared of all vegetation and living animals by the heat of the dragons' fire. It was a deserted place, only used for occasions such as challenges. Two rocky outcrops served as launching platforms for the two opponents. Burnt patches decorated the surrounding cliffs, courtesy of hundreds of outraged dragons.
 The battle-scarred gold dragon produced a roar of pain as he got slashed along his stomach. The blue blur spun round, and flew at the outraged golden creature again. The large dragon knew he couldn't move fast enough to evade his attacker, so he spun himself round, throwing  a dozen blinding reflections into the other dragon's eyes. The blue dragon gave a scream, and spun out of control towards the ground, because at last minute, as the blinding light shone into his eyes, the larger dragon had lunged at him, and torn open his wing. He could no longer remain airborne.
 He plummeted helpessly towards the ground, howling in fear. Then he found himself slowing down and stopping mid-air ... in the older creature's claws.
 "Attack me, and I let you fall," the dragon's voice pushed itself into his mind, demanding his respect and obedience. He nodded numbly, still shocked at his close escape. "And I win," he continued, his voice full of intelligence and power. The dragon nodded again, to shocked to say anything to the contrary. The older leader smiled, satisfied that he had won, just maybe not in the way he had first thought.
 When he landed, he tenderly layed the wounded creature on the ground, demanding that healers be summoned to see to him. When dragons hurried off to see his requests were carried out, he curled up with the air of a satisfied cat, and began to lick his wounds. He had suffered injuries, but he was a leader, and would be for a little longer.

The End

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