Chapter 7-Snow and IceMature



Have you ever been so cold that you thought your feet, hands, nose, and ears were going to fall of at any second? Multiply that feeling by ten and you’ll figure out how I feel right now. We’re flying to the northern tip of Greenland, you know the ice wasteland. Not only is Greenland cold, but we are a couple meters in the cold air. Ice was collecting on Ketina’s scales and my breath was turning to ice right in front of me. I also couldn’t tell whether or not Trystan had frozen to death because all I saw of him was a lump. I decided to ask Ketina where we were going. I thought we were going to see your friend?

We are. She simply said.

We didn’t know your friend was suicidal. I’ve never been so cold. After this, I’ll probably be able to stand in a blizzard in a bikini. That’s when Ketina laughed a dragon-like laugh. My friend isn’t suicidal; he’s just used to it. And his made for this weather, unlike you.

I scowled. Can we just hurry up, because it’s probably warmer down there. Not long after that Ketina began a nose dive.  I didn’t mean like this. I’m going to fall off. She laughed again, continuing her fast descent. You’re probably frozen to me; I don’t think you’ll fall off. We shortly landed, hearing some crunching underneath Ketina’s feet, but it was just the snow. We were, luckily, on real land, beside a simple cave. It wasn’t hidden well, which wasn’t needed here because only crazy people would come here. I guess we’re crazy. I started to wake Trystan up. My fear that he was dead still hit me. He was really cold, but then again so was I. Don’t fear, he’s fine. Just as cold as you. But he was smart enough to block himself from the wind. Ketina murmured in my mind. Trystan stirred, and the ice around him cracked, “Are we there?” He stretched and yawned.

“Yeah, we’re there. Not that I’m much happier about it. It’s still cold.”

Trystan smiled, “You’ll get used to it. My dad once sent me on a cruise around Greenland. He said I would thank him someday. Surprisingly, I think I’ll thank him when I get back home.”

I laughed. So where is your friend, Ketina?

He’s coming. You’re not going to miss him. The only way I could miss him is if my eyes will freeze, which was very possible right now, “Do you hear that?” Trystan asked.

“What? I don’t hear anything.”

“Shhh. It’s like a whistling,” Then we saw the white dot in the distance, flying at a very fast rate towards us. He looked to be a seagull until he got close enough to get his full size. That’s when I realized how tiny Ketina really was. This dragon was massive and pure white to match the snow. When he landed I saw that he had spikes on his belly that looked like tiny icicles. I thought they would soon melt against the sun they were so realistic.  He looked at the three of us with his pale eyes, and I quickly grabbed Trystan’s arm out of fear, Uh oh, this dragon doesn’t know about us does he? I thought suddenly. That’s when he growled at us. I guessed he thought we were quite appetizing. I held his arm tighter. I’ll take care of this, I heard Ketina say. She growled back at the dragon, which looked at her with questioning eyes. They looked at each other for a little longer, then I heard Ketina say, Put the necklace around both of your necks. I believe you both want to hear this. I fumbled with the necklace, due to the fact I couldn’t feel my fingers, but I eventually got it around Trystan’s neck as well. So, this is Izo. He’s an ice dragon, if you haven’t figured it out yet. I looked at the massive dragon, who crammed his neck down to look at us. His eye was right beside me, blinking questioningly. I slowly waved at him. He is planning on helping as much as possible, for he is one of the last ice dragons.

I gaped. The last one? Ketina looked very sad. Yes. There might be one in north Russia, but otherwise yes. It is basically because of the lack of ice, but then that man also comes into play. Izo says he earlier saw a boat that somehow melted a quarter of all of the ice before he sank it.

Once again, I was surprised, He sank a ship?!

Really Aggie, it isn’t that hard. Just take a claw and slash it through the side. It sinks like a rock. That’s when Trystan finally spoke. Why can’t we hear his thoughts? He pointed to Izo. I was surprised, because I hadn’t noticed that. The opal that is inside that ring is very rare. It’s only found here, on Greenland. Thankfully humans are too scared to come close to the cold, so the supply doesn’t go down much. Because they’re found here, in the north, all ice dragons are immune to it. I found that that made lots of sense. Ketina looked at Izo again, who nodded and flew off into the, or his cave. Shall we go where it’s warmer? Ketina asked. She knew my answer right away. We both got on and flew into the cave.






Hal was standing outside of a simple building. It was plain and it looked like it was meant for storage or something, except for the fact that there was a door that said Dragonology Site 453. That was enough to make most people run away from these crazy people, but not Hal. He knew all about the dragon business. So he walked in, knowing that what he wanted most in the world was to get revenge on Fredrick. So he decided to join the good guys, or the people who don’t even know about dragons. Perhaps I could tell them everything about the dragons; that would make Fredrick mad. He was amazed to find everyone in a flurry, with a very purple-headed man yelling at everyone. He must the boss, “Uh, excuse me sir?”

“What do you want? Can’t you see we are very busy?” He snapped.

“I was just wondering if I could join you guys?” He immediately stopped what he was doing and looked at me, “Are you serious?”


The man brightened up and lost the purple color in his face and said, “Well, welcome aboard…uh…”


“Hal. I’m Carlo. It may not seem like it right now, but we are very glad that you could join us. We’ve just had two our best people go missing. Some guy just called and said that he has them, but we can’t be certain.”

Hal knew whom he was talking about, “You mean Fredrick?”

“Fredrick…hmmm…it could be possible. But we tracked the message to Aggie’s phone, which she keeps at all times,” Hal realized who this must have been. She must be the girl that shot me in the hand. He involuntarily looked down at his prosthesis and flexed it. Hal has learned how to use it for almost everything. Carlo noticed and said, “I see you have a fake arm there, what happened? Then again this isn’t the time to ask…”

But Hal answered anyway, “Apparently your Aggie person was the one who shot me in the hand, causing me to lose it.”

Carlo looked down, as if he was disappointed, “I’m sorry about that. What made her do that? And when did you ever see her? And how do you know who called us?” This is what Hal was dreading, all of the questions he would have to answer.






Who ever knew a cave could be so comfortable? Especially an ice one. I immediately set out my sleeping bag and fell asleep. Before I went into deep sleep though, I heard Ketina and Izo. Every now and then I heard a snort or growl coming from one of them, but nothing more. I soon went out.

It felt like I was never asleep. I was riding, no flying behind Ketina. I obviously figured out it was a dream after that. There was someone riding on Ketina but he never looked back towards me. All I remembered was the reddish-brown hair flying in the wind.

I was awakened by Ketina politely bumping me with her nose, the strange dream still fresh in my mind. Poor Trystan wasn’t so lucky. Gruff Izo simply growled in his ear. Why do we have to wake so early?

We’ve come to a decision on what we’re going to do.

And what is that? Trystan came stumbling towards us. He’s been taken the lack of sleep hard.

Put the necklace around him too. Maybe he’ll wake up more when he hears what’s going on, I quickly got it around his neck, Alright, we planned, after much arguing, that we are going to see the great one. We both looked at her, clearly confused. Izo laughed at us.

Stop it. It isn’t their fault they don’t know better, Ketina scolded him, Anyway, the great one is like our president or our king. He is the oldest of all of the dragons still alive today.

I looked at her with annoyance, And where does this “great one” of yours live? I have a feeling not in Greenland. Maybe somewhere warm, like the Caribbean.

“Now where would you ever see dragons in Jamaica Aggie?” Trystan asked aloud. Ketina ignored him, The great one lives in China. The good news is that the Chinese worship dragons so he is perfectly safe there.

Doesn’t anyone know about him?

Few. Most are monks sworn to silence, Ketina then looked at Izo and humanly shook her head, He thinks you guys should ride on his back. He thinks you’d be safer there. I didn’t think that was the best idea. So you best start packing up all your things and get ready for the trip to China.

We spent the rest of the day preparing for our second trip. Trystan tried to make small talk by asking, “Have you ever been to China?”

“No, but I’m sure you did. You seem to have gone everywhere.”

“I did. I didn’t like the cities as much as the farmlands. They’re much more serene and smell a whole lot better.”

“Did you see the Wall of China?”

“Yeah and it isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. Just some bricks put together,” I laughed to myself at his comment. We slowly attached everything as well as we could to Ketina’s back and hoisted ourselves up. We watched as Izo made a huge leap into the air, adding a couple nose dives and flips. I felt my stomach lurch by watching, Aren’t you glad you’re riding on my back instead? She laughed. And then we were off into the air.

The ride was quite peaceful. Once we were out of the region of Greenland, it got to be much warmer. I actually was able to fall asleep. I thought about asking Trystan if he wanted to play I Spy, but that was ruled out soon because there was nothing around. That was when Trystan asked, “I’m surprised that your family hasn’t taken you on any trips. I mean they are a part of this dragonology business so didn’t they take you along on trips?”             I glanced at him and then quickly looked back in the ocean, “No,” I spoke quietly, “They always believed it was all too dangerous.”

“Damn that’s a serious bummer. So you were just babysat all the time?”

“Yeah…just babysat. Lots of lab time too.”

We were halfway through the flight when I realized how edgy Ketina was. What’s wrong?

Izo senses something in the distance. We’re not sure what it is yet. She quickly looked to the left and right. We must be on full alert. I thought of how a dragon could possibly worry. Sure, Ketina was small, but not as small as a goose or some other bird. And if it was a plane they would know that. So what would it be? Oh no, just what I was dreading.

I crawled to look in Ketina’s large amber eye and asked, What?

Look. There is cloud cover straight in the direction we want to go in. If something is going to attack us, it’ll be in there.

Can’t we just go around?

No, it goes on too long. It would just waste time. Just be very careful. I woke Trystan up to tell him what was going on. We didn’t need something to swoop down and take him away. So I sat and stared into the vast clouds that were going past. We soon were all wet, with Ketina and Izo shimmering. I saw one cloud that was darker than the others and bigger too. When I realized it was speeding towards us, I was too late. Luckily though, Ketina read my mind and figured it out. She quick did a barrel roll to avoid the black cloud and next thing I knew, I was falling out of the clouds and into the cold ocean below. I fell in with a great splash. When I swam up for air only one thought came to my mind.

I can’t swim.


The End

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