Chapter 6-Shopping for Supplies and StoriesMature



Hal was sitting in the small hotel room that he just rented. The hotel was called Casa de England. How stupid is that? Hal thought. But he didn’t have time to find a five-star hotel. He was busy trying to figure out a plan to get back at Fredrick. Maybe I could sneak into his house and steal his taxidermied dragon? Maybe I could push him down his elevator? Maybe…Maybe…Maybe…All of his ideas started with maybes. He tried writing some down on paper, only to fill his room with crumpled pieces of paper. Towards the late hours of the night, Hal gave up and fell asleep on the creaky bed.

Hal woke with a start to find the maid cleaning his mess, “What are ya’ some kind of writin’ junky?” She said while chewing a big wad of gum, “Weirder an’ weirder people are stayin’ in this hotel,” She cracked the gum loudly. Hal rubbed his forehead, realizing that he still had no idea what to do. He eyed his cell phone. Maybe he called and apologized for what he did. Maybe he’ll realize how much he needs me. He got up and checked the cell phone. No messages. Hal guessed that that would be the outcome.

The rest of his day was spent buying food from room service (which wasn’t all that roomy) and watching soap operas. When Forever Dusk was over, Hal began to wonder, maybe those kids are alive. It seems to be impossible, but considering the fact that Fredrick was making such a big deal out of them they have to be alive. But how…how?







I awoke to find myself in a sea of gold and rainbow. I thought that everything that happened yesterday was just a dream. No, everything that has happened in the past week was all just a dream. That is until I heard a voice saying, did you have a wonderful sleep? Ketina was looking at me with a look of question on her face.  The best I could have on a cave floor. But it looks like Trystan had a better one. We both looked at Trystan, who was snoring quietly holding a golden goblet in his hands. Hehe. Watch this. Ketina went as quietly as a dragon could towards Trystan. When she felt that she was close enough, she let out a deafening roar. Trystan jumped about five feet into the air, “Whaaaaa!!!” Trystan yelled in shock. I laughed while covering my ears to protect them from the nearly earsplitting sound, “Oh yeah, you guys can have so much fun with me, considering I don’t wake up at dawn,” He said sarcastically. I see he isn’t a happy one in the morn. Ketina said. Yes, but it probably didn’t help that we woke him up like that. I answered.

“Ehem, so why did I get the rude wakeup call?” Trystan impatiently asked. He was pouting like a child.

“Well, because it was funny. I mean, you should have seen yourself. You were…” I stopped because Trystan was glaring at me.

Am I allowed to speak? Ketina nervously asked. We knew she could feel the negative energy flowing throughout the cave. Yes, but what were we woken up for?

            Well, it’s about time you asked. We need to leave, immediately. She put an emphasis on immediately.

“But why?” I said aloud, “We’ve just learned about how we need to help, and now we have to leave immediately.”

“Maybe it’s a good thing Aggie,” Trystan said.

And Trystan is right. The food near here is very low because of that horrid man. But I also think we could get help from a close friend of mine. I quickly repeated what Ketina said to Trystan. You guys know that if you both wear the necklace, all three of us can talk. I looked at Ketina. Well, that saves a lot more time. Trystan grabbed the necklace and also got it around his neck. It was a tight squeeze and we were awkwardly close, but it did help a lot. I never knew dragons could have friends. Trystan said.

Of course we do. We don’t live in caves alone in solitude. Sometimes we form packs, but those are usually made up of family members.

Can we move on? I didn’t feel like learning about what Trystan know and doesn’t know.

Yes of course. Even though I want to leave as soon and as fast as possible, we need to get you guys some supplies.

What kind of supplies? Trystan asked.

 Warm clothes, like big jackets, sleeping bags, not to mention food and among other things. Ketina listed all of the items, “Well, I guess we’re going shopping,” Trystan said as he wove the necklace over his head.

“It kind of makes me feel normal,” I exclaimed.

“Aggie, we are far from normal from now on.”







We were getting ready to go shopping when I noticed something, “Hey, how are we going to get from this cave; it’s in the middle of a waterfall. And don’t you think people would find it just a tad bit weird to see two people flying on the back of a dragon to Wal-Mart?”

“Well Trystan considering the fact that both Ketina and I have the brains to have figured that out about a half an hour ago, we already came up with a plan.”

“How was I supposed to know? You both talk in your heads, I feel completely out of it. Maybe we should take turns with the ring.”

“Trystan,” Aggie began rubbing her temples in frustration, “Ketina is going to fly us to the nearest road, and then we’ll walk until we find a taxi. We shop, then come back and leave. And we don’t have time to create a stupid schedule for the ring.”

“Just because you’re smarter doesn’t mean you can be the only one to talk to her.”

“Now you sound like a three-year old.”

“At least I’d be a three year old who would share.”

Ketina  suddenly let out a roar, provint that she wanted us to stop, “Ketina’s right. We don’t have time for this. We should get going,” Aggie murmured.

“Well, where should we go first?”

“I guess a grocery store,” We both climbed on top of Ketina and held on tight. All I was thinking was I hoping this isn’t like last time.

So here we both are flying on the back of a dragon. How much more crazy are we going to get? Well apparently a lot more because of the fact that we’re going to meet another dragon. We landed on the outskirts of town, “We’ll be back soon Ketina,” Aggie said as she slide down Ketina’s scaly side. How could she already be growing attached to her? We eventually caught a taxi and rode to the nearest grocery store in silence, which wasn’t too unusual for us. We paid the driver and then got out on the street as he pulled away. It wasn’t until we were in the fruit section that I asked, “So…I got to admit, my dad wouldn’t believe a word of this if I tried telling him. What about your parents?” Aggie continued studying the fruit as she said, “Hmm, I don’t think we can take fruit where we’re going,” She walked towards the veggies. I quickly followed and asked, “Well?”

“Do I have to tell you?” Man, what was it about that question that bothered her so much? She would’ve told me by now. But then she sighed and smiled, “They’d believe every word of it. They were dragonologists too you know,” She walked away, leaving me standing by the carrots confused, “Wait Aggie, were? They aren’t anymore?”

“No. They retired. I mean this is a hard job for older folks, with all the hiking and such so it made sense that they passed the dragonologist job on to me,” she said this with a strange distant look on her face.

“Do you miss them? I mean you did leave them in the boring state of Iowa.”

She stared off for a bit longer before she came back to Earth and answered me, “Yes, well of course I do…look let’s just hurry up and check out here. We still need to go to a sporting goods place in search of new camping gear.”

We quickly checked out at the grocery store and Agatha flagged down a cab and asked him to take us to the nearest camping store.







I didn’t mean for there to be so much awkwardness on the way to the camping store, but it somehow happened anyway. You know you shouldn’t lie to him about your past like that. He does have a right to know. Ketina is lucky that she even knows the truth and the only reason she does is because of the telepathy thing. Maybe we could learn how to keep things like that away from her.

I don’t think that’ll happen any time soon, Ketina said smugly in my head, You have to have had mind training for years to accomplish that. I rolled my eyes and broke the silence by asking Trystan, “What size coat do you wear?”

“Adult large, I like having big coats,” It was quiet again. Then Trystan asked, “How’s Ketina doing?”

“As fine as a dragon living in the 21st century can be doing.”

“I don’t understand. All of this is so confusing to me. Dragons? Here?”

“Yeah. It’s nice to know that all of our studies that we have done in that little building haven’t been done in vain. And also now all those people who told me I was crazy in college? Now I know for sure I’m not.”

Trystan laughed, “What proof makes you think that? The fact that we slept in the cave of a dragon perhaps?”

I playfully shoved him, “Sarcasm is not your style.”

“Actually it is the only style I have Agatha. But wait, did everyone think you were crazy in college?”

“And high school. All those years were fairly rough for me,” I looked down at my feet and shuffled them around, “They all made fun of my whole family. We were the crazies of the town, you know?”

We picked out two sleeping bags while Trystan continued, “That’s quite interesting though. Everyone made fun of you? I mean you’re not like hideous or anything to make it worse so I figured maybe not everyone made fun of you.”

I gave him a funny look but added, “Okay so maybe not everyone hated me. The 'Dungeons and Dragons' clubs all worshipped me and always had me on a big silver pedestal. But otherwise my family was the laughing stock of Iowa.”

“I think your first mistake was choosing to live in Iowa. See if you moved to a city like Manhattan, then not as many people would’ve thought you were crazy.”

“Oh you mean people like you? From what I remember you were purposely trying to ‘wind us all up’?”

Trystan threw his hands up in defense, “Okay okay consider it a flaw in my character. It happens to all kids who go through tough parental separation.”

We headed to the check-out line while I asked, “How hard of a separation was it? Don’t you get to visit your dad all the time? I mean you said he pays for all these trips for you to go on. Doesn’t he go with you?”

Trystan seemed to be staring off into space, “I haven’t seen my dad since he kicked us out of his mansion when I was twelve. It’s better this way honestly. He is one of the biggest assholes. He’s all job and no family and care in his heart. He believes that these trips all make up for seeing me, but they honestly don’t.”

I gave Trystan a friendly pat on the shoulder, “It’s fine. Hey, at least this past trip he sent you on got you to see the unthinkable.”

He smiled and laughed, “Yeah I guess that is one positive.”

Did you guys get all of the supplies?

Yes Ketina we’re leaving the store now.

Okay we must hurry. The later we move the closer the man will be to winning.

Well let’s get moving then. I got on Ketina and Trystan passed all of our packages up. Once we were both securely in and the packages weren’t going to fall off, and flew off into the forest.







Fredrick stood in a clearing in a forest, looking for any trace of the two kids. What a sorrowful looking campsite. He kicked at pile of sticks meant for a fire, “Start looking men, and anything that looks either human or dragon, give it to me,” His henchmen started looking at the ground, in the trees, and even digging. We’ll be able to find any sign if they’re still alive. He laughed menacingly laughed at the idea of having another dragon in his grasp. And I’ll finish off those other two, useless as they are. He laughed again. That was when his laugh was interrupted by a cell phone ringing. He looked down at his feet to find a red flip phone. He picked it up and looked to see who was calling. It was a man named Carlo. He answered the phone and heard a man yelling, “Oh my God Agatha! Where have you been?! We have almost the entire facility looking for you and Trystan! You need to get here now!”

            That’s when Fredrick finally said, “Oh I’m so sorry Carlo. It appears that we have captured your dear Agatha and Trystan. I’m sure you want them both back in one piece, but you need to do me a simple little favor. Can you do that?” Fredrick could tell that Carlo’s anger turned to fear. He chuckled, “Good. Now start singing to me what those kids were doing up here?”

The End

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