Chapter 5- Prothesis and RingsMature



Stupid ego-centric boss, Officer Hal thought. He’d just been fired by Fredrick and is now on his way to the emergency room. The hardest part is he has to come up with a fake story to back up why there was a hole in his hand. Hal walked into the hospital and pretended to be very upset, “Excuse me miss,” He asked the lady working at the front desk, “I think I need to get to the emergency room immediately.”

“You need to wait with everyone else sir.”

“But, I have a hole in my hand,” Hal found this to be insane. What is wrong with hospitals nowadays?

“Sir, we’re very busy today, please wait. As long as it’s not life-threatening, we have no point into letting you skip the waiting line,” Hal quick came up with a lie.

“Oh it is life-threatening because I’m a…an artist. If my hand isn’t healed soon, I’ll surely die without art in my life.”

“Oh! You must be Derek Nutterberg. I’m a great fan of your work. Right this way Mr. Nutterberg,” The secretary led him to the emergency room. She quickly talked to a few doctors who led “Derek Nutterberg” to a room where they quickly started attempting to save poor Hal’s hand, “Mr. Nutterberg, I don’t think it’s possible to save this hand. There is too much damage,” The doctor eventually said, “But you shouldn’t worry because you’re ambidextrous.”

“Where in the world did you read that? That is a total lie. I’m a righty, only a righty,” Hal found this statement quite ironic, because this was all a lie.

“Oh, I never thought World Art would lie, but alright, we’ll give you a prosthesis.”







I braced myself for the dragon to eat me. I was hoping it was telepathic and could hear me thinking how I’m hardly much of a meal. But nothing happened. I slowly opened my one eye. It was the dragon that we’ve been looking for. She was a brilliant emerald green that shone through all of the trees. Her eyes were big and topaz and looking intently at me. I suddenly heard Trystan say, “Unbelievable,” He was walking closer to the dragon, “I wonder if it talks.”

“Trystan, stop it. Don’t get closer.”

“Aw Aggie relax. If it wanted to eat us, it would’ve done it already. Now stop cowering.”

“I’m not scared. I just think you’re being an idiot,” Suddenly the dragon picked both of them up with her teeth, “I told you she would eat us.”

“Aggie seriously relax. I don’t think she’s going to eat us,” He did have a slight worried look in his eye now though. But the dragon didn’t eat us. Instead she put us on her back, as if she wanted to take us somewhere. We both held on tight and prepared for the adventure of our life.






The prosthesis fit quite well, the only problem was that now Hal had to get used to it. He was planning on immediately going to Frederick and telling him that he won’t get anywhere with his stupid plan without Hal. But now he had to wait for almost forever until he could live a normal life. He also had to keep coming to the hospital of idiots for check-ups as Derek Nutterberg. But nothing was going to stop him from his plan. In fact, Hal was walking up to Frederick’s mansion again. He rung the bell and heard Frederick’s stuck-up butler answer, “Who is this?”

“It’s Hal.”

The door opened, “Right this way Hal,” They walked by Frederick’s prized stuffed baby dragon. They soon made it to the lab, where Frederick himself was sitting looking at his radar. He must still believe those stupid kids were still alive, “I would’ve never thought you would show your face here again Hal.”

“I thought you would give me a second chance. After all, I’m your best officer.”

“You don’t have a right hand. You are no use to me.”

“I got a prosthesis,” Hal raised his right arm to show his new hand.

“Prothesis or not, you failed to bring those people back, therefore you failed yourself. You feel horrible right now, and I’m not going to take you back. Once you’re fired, you’re fired. No second chances. Now be off,” Hal couldn’t believe this. He did leave, but not before he kicked down what used to be his gun.







“Where do you think it’s taking us?”

“First of all, it’s a she. Second, your guess is as good as mine,” Aggie answered. We’re flying on the back of dragon, isn’t that amazing. My parents would have loved to hear this. Soon I started seeing things that were familiar. Where our camp was before, the now abandoned car, the river, and then the cave. It seemed as if nothing had changed. We kept flying until we were right by the waterfall. She flew right through the waterfall into a cave. This was turning into shit that I only saw in movies. Then again I had to remind myself I was riding on a dragon. She quickly landed and we got off of her back. She then walked into a different section of the cave, “What do you think she’s doing?”

“Once again, I don’t know. Why do you think I know?”

“Because you have studied dragons. Shouldn’t you know these things?”

“Reading about them and being within a couple feet of one is not the same thing.”

“Whatever,” The dragon shortly came back with a chain in its teeth. She came right up to Aggie and dropped the thing at her feet. Aggie picked it up, “So what is it?” I asked.

“It’s a ring,” It was a simple ring, with a simple opal on it. The ring was on a chain, meant to put around someone’s neck. We both looked at the dragon. She nodded her head, as if she knew what we were thinking. Aggie put it around her neck, “Holy shit!”

“What? What is it?”

“She’s…she’s…” Aggie was amazed.

“What is she doing?”

“She’s talking to me.”

“How is she doing that?”

“Telepathically,” Big word coming from Aggie. I stared at her for a bit. She rolled her eyes, sighed, and said, “It means that you can read one’s mind, and talk through the mind too.”

“Why didn’t she do that before?”

“I think it has something to do with the ring. Here you try it on,” Aggie took it off and put it around my neck. I looked at the dragon and asked, “Don’t you have something a bit more manly?”

Shut up! Your priorities are not very straight. The voice came from nowhere.

“Where’s that voice coming from?”

“Uh, her, the dragon,” Aggie pointed to her, “Ask her something in your head.”

What’s your name? I asked in my head. It was weird, not saying anything, and expecting an answer.

My name is Ketina. And yours is?


Means the act of making a noisy disturbance. It's Welsh right? I cringed. I found much displeasure in my name.

“What did she say?” Aggie asked. She was amused by the fact that I cringed from something the dragon, Ketina, said.

What is the female’s name? Ketina telepathically asked.

Agatha, but I call her Aggie.

Ah, a much better name. It means good.

Why did you take us here?

I need to talk to you. You two can help us. I’m guessing though that I should talk to Agatha?

Well, she knows more about this dragon business than I do, so sure.







I grabbed the ring from Trystan. Apparently the dragon, named Ketina, wants our help. It was a brilliant idea to for her to talk to me instead of Trystan. So, why do you need us? I asked her.

Horrible things have happened to our kind throughout the years. You humans have put us on the brink. Pollution, overpopulation, everything has caused us to be close to extinction. There is one man though, who is making it all the more tougher to survive. You know not his name, but he is planning on killing the rest of us and then selling our bodies to museums, making him a very rich man.

“I have just one guess who that is,” I said out-loud.

“Who? Wait what are you talking about?” Trystan was very clueless.

“This man must be the leader of those guys who tried to kill us twice and poisoned the river.”

That’s correct. I tried to catch this man in his unruly acts, but I almost starved to death, because he killed all of the wildlife nearby.

That’s why it was always so quiet in the forest.

Yes. So will you help me and the rest of my kind? I don’t know why but it was hard for me to decide.


“What? I don’t know what I’m agreeing to,” I quickly filled him in about our discussion inside our heads, “Why wouldn’t you want to help? My life has been very boring so I’m taking this insane chance and helping.”

“Alright I’ll help too.”

“Yes!! This will be great. Just you, me…and a dragon. And we’re saving the world!! That’s pretty exciting isn’t it?”

“Yeah well, it isn’t all that interesting is it?”

He seems to get excited over simple things. I heard Ketina say.

Yeah, I know.

I should let you all know. Even when you’re not wearing the necklace, I can still read your minds. Consider it a way to make communicating easier.

“Hey Trystan!” I yelled.

He was over looking at Ketina’s treasure trove, “Ask Ketina why she has all of this money.”

“Dragons tend to collect shiny things, like diamonds,” I answered for him, “But you should watch what you’re thinking, because Ketina can hear you.”

“Oh God please don’t let the dragon learn my deepest darkest secrets.”

I rolled my eyes. This was going to be a long journey with Trystan being along for the ride.

The End

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