Chapter 4- More Guns and Heaven?Mature



Ok, some pretty scary guys with some pretty scary guns almost killed us, which is something I’m not used to. Surprisingly though, Trystan came up with a better escape plan than me. But now what? I really don’t want to leave, much to Trystan’s dismay, but yet I know we have to; especially because we’ve been shot at and I’m still confused about the poisoned river. Another problem is that I can’t contact Carlo in any way, unless we leave.

So we were packing up all of the equipment when Trystan said, “I’m sorry I called you stubborn,” Wow, that’s something I wouldn’t have expected. Maybe more of a yes we’re finally leaving but never that, “So you are just saying that because we almost died?”

“That’s partially the reason,” This is pretty sensitive of him.

“So…what’s the other reason?”

“Uh…that you’re finally taking me home,” That ruined the sensitivity.

“Well now that we are apologizing…I’m sorry I said you were afraid of an owl.”

“You can’t apologize for that.”

“Why not?”

“Because it’s true.”

I couldn’t help but laugh, “Well, I think it’s true that I am a dork.” Now he was laughing.

“So…” Trystan began, “How are we getting off this mountain?”

That’s when I realized I forgot something, “I don’t know. My cell phone doesn’t work and I have no other way to contact someone,” I looked at the ground and pondered, “Do you have any ideas?”

“No,” Trystan seemed glum. I sighed, “Well, I guess we have to hike down,” I heard the groan in disapprovement from Trystan, “Oh it isn’t that hard going down. Besides, it looks like you need the exercise.”

“You didn’t just say I was fat?” I ignored him and started putting our equipment bags into my hands. Trystan looked at me like I was nuts and said, “We aren’t really carrying those.”

“Like I said before, you need the exercise,” I laughed then started heading down the hill. It took a bit of time for Trystan to catch up to me, but he eventually succeeded. The hike down was relatively quiet.







I’m happy but mad at the same time. The happy part is that we finally get to leave this…freakish forest. But the bad news is that…well it’s a tie between Agatha thinking I’m fat and having to carry these heavy boxes down the entire mountain. Agatha promised me that we would get a cab as soon as possible. But as of now I’m lugging these fifty pounds of junk down the mountain. The problem is I’m bored out of my wits. Then I thought of something, “Hey Aggie wanna play I Spy?”

“You can’t be serious?”

“I am. Should I go first?”

“Sure,” Aggie said uneasily.

“I spy something grey?”

“You’re not very imaginative. It’s that rock over there,” Aggie pointed to a boulder.

“Yeah well sorry I’m not imaginative. Now you go.”

“I spy a fallen tree.”

“That’s not imaginative! It’s right over there.”

“I don’t have to be imaginative. I never wanted to play,” Aggie argued.

“Whatever,” It did keep me busy enough to be happy. We were quiet again. I noticed that it started that the forest was beginning to clear up. That’s when I noticed something unusual, “Hey Aggie?”

“I don’t want to play I Spy.”

“No but is there supposed to be a truck here?” Aggie looked over to where I was pointing. She finally said, “It must be an abandoned truck or something,” She wasn’t as interested as me.

“Wait though, maybe we can get it started and drive it down the rest of the way.”

“Don’t we need the key to do that?”

“Maybe it’s still there,” Agatha sighed but continued to follow my path towards the truck. Once we came up to it I noticed that the paint was pretty new, “Are you sure it’s abandoned? It looks too new.”

“It could have been just abandoned,” I looked into it more. There were lots of things in the cab. There was a cell phone, keys, maps, and some suitcases. The window was down and I decided to reach in for one of the suitcases. Aggie tried to stop me, “You don’t know what’s in there. There could be explosives or…guns or…other things.”

“Do you really think someone is going to put a bomb into a suitcase and just leave it in a truck with the window down in a forest?”

Aggie looked anxious. I continued getting the suitcase out. Once it was out I started trying to get it open. It opened easily. Once we got a view of what was inside, even I got nervous, “Ha told you there would be guns in it,” Aggie said knowingly. There were all kinds of guns, explosives, and even handcuffs inside the suitcase. I decided not to open another one. I was just closing it when I heard someone shout, “Freeze!” behind me. I slowly turned to find Aggie in a chokehold and three other guys pointing guns at me, “Uh…I’ll put it away. See,” With that, I began to move the suitcase towards the truck, “Hey, I thought you heard me. Freeze!” I immediately dropped the suitcase and stood up. The contents inside the suitcase flew out, “So…sirs, what have we done?”

“You have killed a total of five officers,” Ouch, I wasn’t expecting that.

“Do you really think we’d…” I pointed towards Aggie and I, “Could really kill such fine men of your stature?” I looked at Aggie. She was looking at me like I was an idiot. Then she saw as the guns were brought down. She smiled then decided to play along, “Yes, I have been so proud of you men, until you trapped me like this,” They let her go. These guys were such saps. Then the one guy said, “You still need to come with us.”

“Now why is that?”

“Because our boss told us so.”

“The police? But we didn’t do anything,” I didn’t even have time to say oops before the men pointed guns at me again. Good thing Aggie knew I made a mistake. She ducked and back somersaulted between the guy’s legs, grabbing his gun in the process. She stood up and said, “Now what are the charges?” she asked while pointing a gun at the leader. Since when did she learn those moves? “We don’t need to tell you now do we?”

“I’ll…I’ll shoot your head off,” Aggie said. Whoa, didn’t think she would say that. The gunmen just stared and laughed, “I’m not kidding. I’ll shoot, starting with this guy over here,” Aggie turned toward me. Gulp.

“We don’t think you’d shoot that gun, no matter who it is,” One said.

“I…I think she would,” I was really freaked out. I looked to Aggie, but she was busy thinking of a plan. I continued, “We really hate each other and she has been dying to do this,” Aggie was walking closer to me, pointing the gun straight at my forehead. Soon the gun was touching me between the eyes. Nobody moved for a moment. Then everything happened in a flash. Aggie shot the gun at the leader guy’s (keeping a grip on me) hand, followed by her quickly grabbing me and running.







I can’t believe it. I had a gun in my hand. What’s worse was that I was pointing it a Tystan’s head. The whole time I was afraid the gun would go off accidentally. The good news is that I didn’t shoot Trystan at all. But now we’re running through the forest and I don’t know what to do next. Shooting their main man did leave those guys off guard, but they’re trained and will be right behind us soon. I was planning Trystan would come up with something but I think he is still freaked about having a gun pointed at his head. We kept running until, unfortunately, we arrived at the edge of the cliff. I stopped immediately and looked down. What were we going to do? “What…was that back there? I mean you were like…with the somersaulting and the shooting…” Trystan’s mouth was open wide.

“Now’s not the time to talk about it Trystan. Those guys are coming after us, and I don’t know what we should do now.”

Trystan looked down the edge, “Uh, I’m guessing jumping is out of the question?”

“Yes, even if we survived it we wouldn’t be able to move due to broken bones,” We heard shots in the trees, “I think we better hurry.”

“I got it. Do you have the pack with the tent?” I looked in the bag on my shoulder…

“No,” I said dismayed. Then the gunmen came out of the forest to the clearing we were in, aiming at us. Trystan looked at me and said, “You have to trust me with this. When I count to three…”

“We don’t have time for that!” I yelled.

“Then grab my hand and jumped!” And we did. We jumped.







“Sir they jumped over the cliff. They are surely dead,” The lead gunman, Hal, said to Fredrick through his cell phone.

“The girl shot my hand though. The bullet went clean through.”

“And what do you want me to do about it? Say some magic words. You’re pathetic. I wanted them here, Alive! Not broken at the bottom of a cliff.”

“But, my hand sir.”

“I don’t care about your hand because you’re fired. And if you knew what was good for you you should’ve jumped over the cliff as well.”

“Yes sir.” Fredrick hung up on the fired man and turned toward Albert, his newest assistant, “It looks that plan of mine has failed because of the stupidity of my men.”

“But they’re dead, what is there to worry about?”

“You’re right,” Fredrick turned towards his computer and stared blankly at the screen. He had a gut feeling that they weren’t dead, no matter how big the chance was that they were.







I’m dead. After all the work I’ve done, I’m dead. I opened my eyes to see puffy clouds, blue skies, and Trystan? Trystan was lying right beside me in heaven, what? I tried waking him up, “Trystan? Trystan? Wake up.”

He groaned, “Am I dead yet?”

“I’m not sure actually, look,” He got up and looked out into the sky, “We’re not dead,” He exclaimed.

“How can you be sure?”

“If I was dead, then there would be a giant soccer field with all of the best players.”

“Leave it to you to determine things in that logic,” I grumbled, “So then we are we? On top of a plane?”

Trystan continued to look around, with his eyes looking down where we were sitting. After a few moments I said, “Well, did you find out where we are?”

“You wouldn’t believe me.”

“Sure I would.”

“Well, if you would have looked around more you would have realized that we are on something scaly…”


“With a head and wings.”

“With a head and wings,” I repeated.

“Which can only mean we’re on top of a…”


“A…dragon,” Trystan said it nervously. I got quiet. I looked side to side, and then looked back at Trystan, followed by my shrill of terror, “No one can be on top of a dragon. At least, no one of my stature, I’m not smart enough to train a dragon. What are you talking about?”

Trystan was alarmed by my reaction, “Aggie,” He put his hands on my wrists to calm me down, “This is surprising to hear from you. Heck, it’s surprising to hear from me. But it’s true.”

“It’s going to eat us both.”

“We don’t know that. It could be a…nice dragon.”

“How many of those have you heard of?” I asked menacingly, “Now that’s not fair because this is the first time I heard of a real dragon, let alone seen one.”

“It doesn’t matter. It probably doesn’t even know we’re here. It could have just been a chance that it flew under us.”

“Then let’s use that to our advantage. As soon as it lands, we’ll get off and run as fast as possible to the city.”

“Alright,” I calmed down, “Can you get your hands off me now?” Trystan looked down and quickly moved his hands to his lap. The peculiar ride was rather quiet. I slept a lot of the time and Trystan was rather quiet. Until finally, it seemed like we were landing, “Excellent, now we can get out of here,” Trystan came up next to me.

“Are you sure it doesn’t know we’re here?”

“It’s a giant dragon, and we’re two little people, how is it going to know we’re here?”

“Ok,” The dragon was getting through the trees now. We had to hold on tight or the trees would’ve knocked us off. Once, we were safely on the ground we got ready to run when the dragon turned around and faced us. It snorted hot air on us and we stopped moving.


The End

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