Chapter 3- Poisonous WaterfallsMature



“Carlo!” I yelled into my phone.

“Good morning Aggie.”

“There is a dragon here!”

“Yes, we did tests on the scale, and they were positive for being a dragon.”

“What kind of dragon?”

“A young adult female European Dragon.”

“Should we stay longer for more tests?” There wasn’t an answer from Carlo.

“Hello? Carlo? You there?” My phone went dead, “That was strange,” I mumbled. I suddenly realized I was tired. Must have happened from all those nights Trystan kept me up. No sooner had I flopped on the sleeping bag that I fell asleep.







So anyway, now this Aggie girl wants me to look for poop. Some kind of exciting trip this was turning out to be.

But this I found this mysterious green scale and somehow Aggie didn’t get to it first. I gave it to her and she looked closely at it, “I’m guessing it is a scale from the side of a…I’d guess a young adult English Dragon,” How is it that she just knew that off the top of her head? Agatha is turning into quite the absurd character. We set up the infrared camera in one of the corners of the cave and then left.

“Here’s where we will camp,” Aggie said. I started looking around while she got the tents and what-not out. I noticed panic in her eyes. How could someone who studies dragons ever have panic in their eyes? She quickly called someone and started talking to him. I kept looking around and saw a big tree. I then realized how bad I had to pee. That tree looked brilliant. I scratched myself to find Aggie looking at me with a look of disgust. I blushed and quickly ran off after the tree. Once I came back Aggie said, “We have to share a tent,” Now I know why she panicked. I am horrible at camping. Boy, will she be in for a rude awakening.

I will admit I am afraid of things like camping in an unknown area, and this is an unknown area. I pitied Agatha, who stayed up all night telling that that sound was from an owl, or this sound was from a mockingbird, etc. I finally felt safe enough to fall asleep, so I laid my head down and fell asleep.

I woke up to find Agatha missing. I didn’t think much of it because I was hungry. I gathered a bunch of sticks and attempted to start a fire. Aggie shortly approached and asked, “Do you want to watch the video?” We sat down and Aggie got the TV out of its case and popped the tape in. We watched really boring stuff followed by the screen going blank. We decided it was a dragon lying there. We ran up to the cave and found the camera in the corner where we left it. Aggie moved it to a different corner, followed by her looking at the scratch marks on the cave floor, “Hmmm, the configuration of these claw marks determines they can only be that of a dragon, a European English dragon!” Then it got crazy. She started dancing around. She even danced with me. I was appalled and still further confused by this girl that I was beginning to learn more and more about.

Once Aggie ran off to tell her boss the amazing news, I decided to explore a bit. That way I wouldn’t be so freaked out tonight. I walked past my peeing tree and followed a wide dirt path. It looked as if a Hummer had barged through the forest. I followed the path that ended at a river. I stared at it. It looked really nice and cool and I was sweating out here. I slowly walked up to its bank and looked in it and immediately wanted to vomit. It was filled with dead fish, bugs, frogs, and anything else you could think of. That’s strange, I thought to myself. I put my toes in the river where there was the least amount of dead things and I brought my toes out so fast that I lost my balance. The river burned my foot, “What the heck?” I said aloud. I looked at my toes and gasped. They were the brightest red you could think of. I looked up and downriver. Every now and then you would see a dead bird that lived slightly longer than the rest. Now we know why the forest was so quiet. I got up and started running towards camp.







I was rudely awakened by none other than Trystan. He was shaking me like a rag doll so I would get up, “Aggie the river…its…its…”

“Spit it out pretty boy. I was having an excellent nap.”

“Just come,” With that, he pulled me up by wrist, almost dislocating it, and dragged me through the forest. Once we hit the riverbank Trystan started pointing at the river, “Don’t you see, something is wrong,” I looked up and down the river and noticed all the dead animals on the side, “And look,” Trystan stood on one leg to display his foot, “I stuck it in the river burned so bad,” His toes were bright red. I reluctantly put my face towards his foot to study the burns, “Well, it doesn’t seem all that bad. What we need to worry about is why someone put poison into the river.”

“Illegal dumping?”

“I’m not sure. I think the river is too contaminated for that to be the case

“So…someone is killing the animals for laughs.”

“What a messed-up person that would be.”

“Yep. So what are we going to do about my foot?”

“We have a first aid kit. Ruffle through until you find something fit for poison burns. I’m going to get a sample of the river to find out what kind of poison it is.”

“Whatever,” Typical Trystan.






I dug through the kit but there was nothing for poison. So what am I supposed to do, simply leave it? What if it’s a kind of poison that will eat my leg away day by day, followed by the rest of me, what will happen then? No more Trystan, I wonder how the world would cope. I’m sure most of the world won’t care, but…I think the future will change. Aggie was returning with the test on the river so now I can find out whether or not this poison is the flesh-eating kind, “So what did the test say?”

“Why are you afraid you’ll get eaten alive by the poison?” Aggie said it sarcastically, but it still freaked me out that she said it, as if she could read my mind. I shuddered at the thought, “I didn’t test it yet, but once I do, I’ll tell you if you at danger,” She smiled. Sometimes I could hate her so much. I went over to a log and sat, watching her with hatred. After about a half an hour she said, “Well, it’s not flesh-eating,” Aggie snickered, “But it is deadly,” Like that is much better. She saw my face and continued, “That is, if you eat it. You didn’t happen to drink the river water after you stuck your feet in by any chance?”

“So is there any idea why it’s in the river?”

“Well, there is a theory I have, but it’s a shot in the dark. I still need evidence to the idea I have.

“I still want to leave,” I said. Agatha sighed, her blue eyes flitting about the trees,” What makes you want to leave this beautiful place?”

“Uh because I stink, the river is poisoned, and I’m having this strange feeling that someone keeps following me.”

“I’m not surprised, you’re full of paranoia,” She mumbled.

“Well at least I’m not as…dorky as you are.”

“Yeah that was a great comeback,” Aggie argued.

“I’m not as stubborn as you are.”

“I’m stubborn?”

“Yeah you are.”

“I’m not afraid of an owl.”

“I don’t-“ My sentence was interrupted by the cracking of a gun. I flipped my head around to see a man aiming for the back of my head, gulp. I started running, leaving Aggie to gape until she heard the second fire; that sure woke her up. She was soon running right beside me, all the while seeing trees splinter along the way.

“What do they want?” I panted.

“I’ll let you ask them, because I’m sure you’re dying to know,” Aggie was still rallied up from our argument.

“Can we leave now?”

“What does it look like we are doing?”

“What about your equipment?”

“I’d rather lose my equipment than my head,” She was right. Whoever these guys were, they had some pretty powerful guns that could easily knock her head right off. We were soon alongside the tainted river, now and then having to jump over the occasional dead beaver. I turned around to see the gunmen still behind us, only now we didn’t have any trees to protect us. They had a perfect shot, “Aggie, I would like to hear a plan right now.”

“The only one I have so far is to jump.”

“Jump? Where are we jumping? I don’t want to jump.”

“Well, it gets worse, because eventually this river will meet the end of the mountain, which means will have to jump into a waterfall.”


“Not forgetting the water is poisoned.”

“How could I forget?” I thought of my foot, and then imagined the pain all over my body, not to mention all of the broken bones and the possibility of drowning.

“Do you have any better ideas?” Aggie turned around, seeing how close the guys were, about five feet. They were also loading their guns and I knew they weren’t going to miss. That’s when I had an idea, “Aggie, when does this river end?”

“It’ll be ending in around thirty seconds.”

I turned my head around. I wasn’t sure if we had thirty seconds but I stuck with my plan, “Ok, on my count we are going to turn back into the forest,” Aggie looked at me and nodded. I looked ahead; I saw the waterfall coming up, “Trystan…”Aggie said uneasily. I ignored her. We were almost there. I was expecting the guns to fire any second, “Trystan they’re aiming at us,” She was almost hysterical.

“Ok 1…2…3,” That’s when I heard the gun fire. We both turned on a dime, which of course the gunmen weren’t expecting, which also meant the bullet missed both of us. We stopped running and watched their faces as they hit the waterfall. They floated there for a fraction of a second, with dumbfounded expressions on their faces, before plummeting down. I started walking over towards the cliff until Aggie stopped me, “Don’t look, that’s a horrible way to die.”

“To think you’re saying that about the guys who were shooting at us with the biggest guns I’ve ever seen.”

“It’s still bad. Let’s go back and get out of here,” Those were the best words I’ve ever heard from her.







“WHAT!!! THEY FELL OVER WHAT!?” Fredrick was furious.

“They fell over the waterfall that you poisoned,” His assistant said. Fredrick rubbed his temples and sighed. Finally, he looked up and said, “And how did that happen Hal?”

“Well, they were chasing after the people…I guess they were smarter than they looked and…made our men fall over the waterfall,” Hal cringed, preparing for the worst.

“Ah Hal, aren’t you happy that I’m a genius,” Fredrick’s voice was calm.

“What do you mean sir?”

“I made a few men stay at the base of the mountain, that way they will surely catch those…problems…and…take care of them for good.”

“You’re not saying that they are going to kill them are you.”

“Most certainly not. I will use them to my advantage.”


“I’ll simply make them tell me all the information they have uncovered and then…” Fredrick thought of what he could do, “I’ll force their boss to make a payment towards their lives. I’ll take the money and then…only then…will I kill them.”

“And until then?”

“The dragon is growing weaker I suppose. Soon we can take it out of the forest easily.”

The End

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