The boy... Its time for revenge

The compound, the slave pits

The slaves looked up into the sky yearning for freedom, the always did. This time though it came, a flash of black flew in the air, they thought it was a plane, it mostly was, everywhere used slaves now, it just meant more were to go. The shape landed, straight from the air to the ground, it was a jet black dragon, powerful, and madder than ever before.

It roared to the sky, most heard it as just a sound, one boy, of about fourteen heard it, it was a challenge, and this was war. Its challenge was answered, ten men walked forwards, they were the guard and it was their job, they did it, they liked it, then they did it again, they killed, that was all. This time they had met their match. Rockets didn’t faze a stone wall, bullets jut bounced of ore, it was only one man that made the difference, when all others were down he struck, no one knew how he did it, he just did. The slave pens fell, and one boy walked out. The guard laughed at him. That was the last thing he did. He died.

The child touched the dragon and it looked up, the light fading from his eyes, he said only one thing but with the weight of the ages. "You know the verse, that and the talons of the fallen will grant you, and me, revenge".

And as the boy stood, the dragon disintegrated in the wind, with only his talons left. The boy then sang

With the fallen I sing,
with the dead I raise,
revenge is my motive,
the earth my friend,
I call apon the souls,
may the a new dragon rise,
from the talons of the dead.

The earth around them swirled, the new guards came in, and in front of them was a man in armour, black as the moonless night and a mask in the hands, two swords by his side and other weapons about him. He placed the mask on his face. He wan kneeling, a crest of the four talons on his shoulder. The Man stood up. "My name is Eruantion, master of the element earth, lord from the monastery on the mountains; it is time for you to repay your dept on this world".

The dragons had a new champion, this is war.


The End

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