Here be dragons, and a ninja

The dragons have risen

That was what went through the animal’s minds when they felt the earth shift. The dragons are coming, and there is nothing we can do to stop them. But the thoughts actually said quite the opposite of what it looks like; the dragons were frail after so long, they could do nothing to stop the humans. That was what they thought. What a waste, the most noble and powerful creatures on this planet and they will soon not exists...again.

Somewhere by a beach, out with the tides.
A dragon rose out the waves, seaweed on it back, the creatures of the sea surrounding it, loving it. For these were the grandfathers, the three ancient dragons of old, each with a mastery of an element. Wanhera, master of the sea. Erutan, lord of the earth, And finally Ariantios, mistress of the airs. The animals loved them, they were ruled by the dragons and the dragons helped them. there was no lord of the fires, that was given to the humans, for it is the grandfathers (and mothers) job to look after and protect the animals of their realm, to keep them alive and to provide council, humans ignored this and tried to rule so their wings were striped from them and cast low, all but one. He was the mediator. The dragon’s resurrection could only mean one thing, he had died, and the humans had done it.

Wanhera flew towards the sunrise away from the island of Honolulu, it had been good even when it was born of the fire, and it would be saved.
Ariantios too flew at the sunrise, its lands were fine but for the human birds flying past it would join the battle of the sun.

Erutan though had found a land that was bad, it had destroyed many places and stolen lives, bought and sold people as if they were worthless. It would stop it, for this was its realm and that stronghold was the reason for its suffering.

The dragons have risen, and this time, its war  

The End

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