dragons fighting for leadership.

        The rock shook with the force of the impact. Loose pebbles showered down. Vicious snarls echoed over the seemingly deserted landscape. The sounds heard were inhuman, but the creatures weren’t human; they were dragons.

        They leapt off the deserted shelf of rock and flew into the air, aiming at each other, claws extended. They met with another thunderous noise, claws slashing wildly at each other, teeth glittering with savage beauty. This wasn’t a play fight. This was a fight to the death.

        With roars of rage and pain, they returned to their rocky outcrop, and tended to their wounds. But neither would cease to fight unless the other died or acknowledged the other as leader.

        The leader was a battle-scarred beauty, his eyes sparkling with anger, his golden scales gleaming in the afternoon sun. His opponent was a smaller, graceful creature with light blue scales, the same shade as his eyes, and hardly any scars. Both had formidable weapons: deadly sharpened claws, white fangs that protruded from their upper and lower jaws, each had a metre long spike that ended the tail, and a row of large spikes running from the base of their neck to the end of the tail. But these spikes were not straight, as you’d expect. They were curved, designed to pierce the victim and hook into the skin. It wouldn’t work with a dragon, of course, as they wouldn’t pierce the scales, but would work with smaller beings.

        A roar split the silence that had ensued as both dragons licked their wounds. The blue opponent was ready for battle. The leader briefly reflected if running away would save him, and then realized it would. He breathed a great tongue of fire, temporarily blinding his opponent. It bought him time. He spread his mighty wings, flapped them to gain altitude, and then soared away.

        His disheartened subjects watched their old leader fly away, then, with heavy hearts, turned towards their new leader. 

        “Pay homage to your new leader,” gloated the dragon, his voice echoing within the minds of the dragons before him. He did not notice the hated glares he earned for that simple statement. A few of the disgruntled dragons blew balls of fire. This he did notice, and flew into a mad rage at the disloyalty of his subjects.

        “I am your king now!” he raged, glaring around at his subjects, who were now looking apprehensive. “I don’t care how your old king used to treat you; I will treat you different, for your old king has fled, leaving me to rule how I please!”

        Some younger dragons looked humble and uncomfortable, but most of the adults showed their hatred on their face, allowing it to contort their features. Their new leader’s eyes still sparkled with unrestrained fury.

        Then, without warning, he launched himself at a heavily muscled male dragon, who was in the height of his prime, and slashed at him with gleaming blue claws. This assault resulted in the male dragon suffering a deep gouge, and the subjects roaring in anger; he had hurt one of their own, with no plausible explanation, and now he must pay the consequences.

They joined themselves together, removing all defences from around their mind, and immersing themselves within each other’s mind. The result was not a crowd; it was a formidably large creature, full of the anger of hundreds of dragons, and with a power that exceeded many other creatures. And with one intent; to punish the dragon that had crossed the invisible line.

The leader may have been arrogant, but he wasn’t stupid; he knew when he could stand and fight, or flee as fast as he could. There wasn’t really much choice. He turned and attempted to fly away, but was engulfed by the flying menace that pursued him. He disappeared from view.

Then, gently withdrawing from the rest of the dragons, the scaly creatures glided back down to the ground. Flying off in separate directions to their respective caves. And the leader? He had disappeared, quite literally, vanished from the earth. Where did he go? Who could say?





The End

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