December 1st (vi)Mature

 The market had reached the height of its discord; there was now less order than ever; coins and powdery packages were tossed rather than passed, fist fights broke out. The oil drums were knocked over and hot coals and flames tumbled and licked at the fabric and wood of the makeshift stalls.

Talli and Jayce weaved in between the bedlam and made an attempt to make a beeline for the stairwell, but the chaos was disorientating, and the ever shifting, ever changing Dartham market seemed to go on forever.

Bodies bounced and bashed into each other as excitable customers hurried between one stall and the next. Talli removed her back pack and swung it around to the front of her body; protecting her package.

The fog had lifted slightly and the luminous bulb of moon hung ochre and heavy in the penumbral vault above. Another coruscation of torch light flittered almost haphazardly from one beacon of the market to the next as more market goers arrived; an all clear; a request for consent.

Talli was familiar with deviants, seeing as she had previously frequented Dartham and its sister market Hartlett Circus. The sort of people that visited a shifting market were consistently involved in the trading of illicit materials and would simply locate one of the markets so that they could stock up. Talli merely dabbled between the worlds – never really going d\eep enough to see what was going on behind the scenes. She liked it this way – no liability.

Nonetheless, she was acquainted with a large number of people that had been involved in the less salubrious activities of the London underground movements, and she was fully aware that their appearance was shocking to some. Often severely pierced and tattooed, the extreme nature of their appearance seemed the sort that would garner attention, but it did quite the opposite; it intimidated.

But now, a handful of market goers seemed far more unusual, far more alien than Talli was used to; a tall figure with dark, reddish skin and clothes like armour, purple and chitinous. And a woman who, beneath her pretentious cloak, appeared to have translucent skin.

Sirens wailed. 

The End

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