December 1st (v)Mature

Talli and Jayce had been friends for over three years. The conditions of their relationship had been complex, the catalyst especially. The two of them rarely discussed the dynamics of their companionship. People often assumed that the two of them were a couple and although Talli was quick to refute this rumour, Jayce was uncomfortably slow to support her stance. The greatest pressure came from Evie. Talli and Jayce met on account of Evie; Evie dated Jayce for a year, during which Talli and Jayce hated one another. When Evie broke up with Jayce, Talli quickly befriended him out of spite. The short sighted plan soon became a long term friendship fraught with tension.

Although Evie never directly said it, Talli knew that she wanted Jayce and her to date just so that Evie could brag when it fell apart. What Evie didn’t understand was that Talli had no interest in relationships.

Talli saw relationships as a distraction – a conventional interaction that had long past seen reason for cessation. She wasn’t fond of the idea that something was expected of her – that she was expected to have a boyfriend, to marry, to have children. She wasn’t opposed to love; she was dubious about its place in the modern day.

It was this mentality that made her relationship with Jayce so tenuous; fraught with opposing tensions of sexuality, friendship and in some cases opposition.

Talli and Jayce emerged back into the core of the market from between the colourful tents. 

The End

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