December 1st (iv)Mature

‘Where did you get those Talli?’Jayce half whispered. Talli ignored him.

Ben stood and disappeared into the shadows with the bag, Talli peered after him. More men sat there, speaking quietly between each other. Ben knelt by the side of another man in a cloak. A brief interaction and then Ben returned into the light, squinting slightly.

‘Sandman is organic. It’s strong. It will cause her to have vivid dreams during sleep; IE, her mental activity will increase, significantly, this may result in her registering on, and connecting with, what you might call a higher level of consciousness.’

‘Wait, what?’

‘As with other drugs Sandman does have the potency for a “bad trip”; if she reacts badly to the drug she may be vulnerable to what we in the industry call a Chimeraphage. The chances are slim though.’

‘So what am I supposed to do if she does react badly?’ Talli said.

‘Come to us. Immediately.’ Ben handed Talli the package and a business card. She hesitated.

‘How often does this happen?’

‘We’ve sold tonnes of the stuff. Only twice. Keep the dose to under a gram.’

Talli maintained eye contact with Ben whilst she wrapped the package up in a plastic bag and slotted it into her back pack where the Xylose had been. Without further words Talli stepped away and Jayce joined her. They quickly walked up the ramp, past the card players who now stared at them and back out into the night.

Talli and Jayce turned to each other at the entrance of the tent and exhaled. They held each other’s gaze for a long moment. Talli was conscious that the scene was surreal; the backdrop of a glistening purple tent and blazing oil drums before the city’s skyline of Brickbank and Canary wharf. A large, young man, both muscle and fat mass, facial hair growing unevenly and a slight young lady with a streak of pillar box red spliced between short cocoa hair, gazing at one another in a moment of admiration, victory and comradeship.

Breaking the contact Talli set off again between the tents, beckoning Jayce to follow, he obeyed.

‘Where’d you get the Xylose bars?’

‘Does it matter?’

‘The fact that you won’t tell me does.’ Jayce called after her. Talli ignored him. 

The End

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