A musically-inspired tale of Samiel and Rayna Hollis, a couple who received immortality during a siege by cultists and their struggles against the evolving threats of time.
Webcomic adaptation hopefully coming soon.

Prologue - Drowning in Slow Motion

Light fading...



Rayna Hollis knew that feeling all too well...and she saw no point in struggling to survive. Her wounds were too great--bullet wound to the lower abdomen, her left leg entirely mangled. And now, she was down to her final moments of air.

As she sank lower and lower into the watery abyss below the TS-Dragonfly, she closed her eyes and positioned her right palm in front of her chest.

In an instant, an explosion erupted from her hand, tearing through her body.


"You know, it's a shame that had to happen...uh...'Sam', isn't it?"

Samiel Hollis merely remained silent, keeping his gaze and shotgun pointed at the masked bounty hunter.

"Not a big talker, are ya?"

"I prefer to let my wife do the talking," was Sam's curt reply.

The bounty hunter blinked several times before issuing his rebuttal. "Well...I guess that's all I'm getting out of you, then."

Not wanting to waste anymore time, the bounty hunter pulled the pin on one of his grenades.

"Let's see how good you are at dodging--" before he could finish, a fireball zoomed past his face, narrowly missing him by several inches. "--explosives?"

Remembering he had a grenade in his hand, the bounty hunter quickly threw the device at Samiel, who vaulted away before it could explode.

Looking for the origin of the fireball, the bounty hunter found Rayna, who had healed from the previous battle, and was surrounded by a vortex of fire.

"That job description didn't say nothing about this..." muttered the bounty hunter to himself as he backed away to the edge of the deck.

Samiel smirked, "Next time, try checking if your target's even killable! Might save you some trouble."

He then turned to Rayna, making a short nodding motion, which resulted in several pyroclasms erupting from the sea around the Dragonfly.

Within seconds, the bounty hunter had boarded his patrol ship and had sped off into the distance with his proverbial tail between his legs.

The End

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