Part III - Future

Ashleigh stepped out onto the streets of London. The best thing about home is that it never changes. She walked a few blocks down to an orphanage. The building looked older than England itself. She knocked on the ancient door. It creaked as it was opened a fraction.

"Yes?" An old man grumbled.

"I'm here to collect Harry Trade..." She said solemnly. She pulled out a sheet of paper burned around the edges. A quarter of it was missing but it still qualified as a birth certificate. He disappeared behind the black, foreboding door. It screeched as it was opened to its full extent. She walked in confidently; looking for her younger brother. It only took one second to spot him from the large crowd of children. She gasped as she saw the scars she had left behind were gone.

"Ash!" He yelled out in happiness, he ran into her arms and cried tears of joy.

"Hey buddy!"She said happily, almost crying herself. "Have ever wanted to run away and join the circus?"

The End

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