Part II - Past

Flames flickered on Ashleigh's fair skin, but they didn't burn. They just licked at her delicate hand like water. She tried to wave away the flames but they only grew stronger. She screamed while her brother cowered in a corner.

"Harry! Get water, NOW!" Ashleigh shouted. Harry ran from the room returning with a metal bucket. He splashed Ashleigh with the water, but only to find the fire jump at him. The fire caught at his hand and he yelled out in pain; he doubled over on his hand. Meanwhile, Ashleigh knelt down to help Harry up but the blaze caught on Harry's shirt. He screamed out in agony. Ashleigh flinched back when she realised what she had done. She ran for the door leaving a trail of fire behind her. She burst out of her house, no longer on fire.


It was only two minutes before the local fire brigade reached her home. The entire abode was now ablaze. She warned the fire fighters that Harry was in their burning home. She waited impatiently at the front of the house for them to carry out her Harry. She took her pencil and pad and scrolled down her apologies and good-byes and slipped $10,000 in to the letter in case this happened. She begged one of the fire fighters to give this to Harry, once she made sure he promised she walked away. She couldn't hurt her brother anymore. She went to a nearby circus where she found a Fire-Eater with the alias of Mr Flame. But the fire that came from his hands he appeared to be controlled by him. Later she came by to talk to him to ask him about his 'problem'.

"Hey, how do you do it?"She asked Mr. Flame keenly. "Magic!" He answered cheerfully. It was as if he had been repeating that same answer for years.

"No, I know how you set your hands on fire, but how can you control it?"

"Oh, you're a dragon, huh?"

"I'm a what?"

"Does fire come out of your hands when you get angry?" He asked with interest. Ashleigh nodded."Look, I can't help you. But I know who can, he helped me." He continued, handing Ashleigh a piece of paper with a strange symbol on it. She knew she could trust him. He was an old friend after all.

Ashleigh nodded to Mr. Flame, turned on her heels and left; determined to set right her wrong.

The End

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