Dragoness, Part I - Present

It's about an orphaned 22-year-old named Ashleigh Trader and her younger brother, Harry Trader, who is currently looking after. But one day, strange flames burst from Ashleigh's hands that appear not to harm her but burn everyone else. This wasn't much of a surprise considering her parents 'warned' her this would happen. But when she badly injures Harry, she goes looking for an old friend, Mr Flame, a fire eater in a circus to help control her fiery power.

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Ashleigh had been walking for days down a country road somewhere in England. She would not have survived if it weren't for the kind person that have given her food and clothing but that's not the reason why her story is being told this day. She was different, this is why she had to run away from home and leave her younger brother behind in a hospital with only a picture of herself and a note with her last good-byes, but please understand it was for all right reasons, Ashleigh wasn't 'safe' to be around anymore. But now she was going to someone that she believed could help her with her, problem.

She finally reached a long path turning off of the gravelled country road. At the end of lane, there was a small lodge surrounded by Atlas cedar trees. It was quaint house, about two stories tall, all made of logs of Atlas cedar. But its door was the most distinguishing feature, or rather the wreath hanging on it. The wreath was split into eight equal pieces and on each section was a representation of each of the eight elements:

Fire was at the top and Ice was opposite. Clock-wise round from Fire was Energy and on the other side there was Water. Next was Air and the opposing was Earth. Finally, Darkness was last with Light on the contrasting side.

"This must be the place."She told herself as she fished a piece of paper out of a pocket in her coat. Ashleigh unfolded the note to find the exact same symbol on the sheet. This is the place, she thought to herself as she walked down to the door.

But before her knuckle could reach the ancient door, it swung. There a man stood he was in his late twenties like Ashleigh, although it was hard to see from under his scarlet cloak. She showed the paper to him, as she was told to by Mr Flame, a fire eater in a circus.

The man nodded understandingly and stood out of Ashleigh's way into the house. She walked in; it clearly looked bigger from the inside. The man in the cloak walked into another room while she looked around amazed at the size and called for Ashleigh, "Over here."

Ashleigh cautiously walked into the room. All of a sudden, the man in scarlet lunged at her with a dagger. Ashleigh hands caught fire and sparks went flying. And just as suddenly he stopped just next to her and his hands into her burning ones.

"No, you'll get burned!"She screamed. But then she notices her hands feeling cold. She looked down. To her surprise sparks weren't flying, or hands burning. All there was was a blue tinge on the man's hands.

"A dragon, eh?" He said smiling. She recognised the term 'dragon'. Mr. Flame had used it as well. Ashleigh nodded, trying to catch her breath from the fright. The man pulled a chair out of the blue and pulled it over to a table.

"Do you want to sit down?"He asked carefully. There was already a chair at the end of the medium size table. Ashleigh sat down, feeling she had no choice. The man that sat down took off his cloak and hung it up in a nearby closet and came to sit down.

"What's your story?" He asked as if I wasn't the only one who had been in this chair before."Come on, it's alright. I'm just like you." He said as his hands turned to icicles.

Ashleigh was a bit reluctant at first but then she realised that being stubborn and scared wouldn't help with this problem. So she told him of how she learned of her powers, of how she burned down her own home, of how she gave her brother two degree burns; of how she went to see her good friend, Mr. Flame to ask him about how he learned to control it.

Once she had finished telling the man about her journey here, the man simply said, "Oh..."

He heard many stories but this one was a first. He had to help her. He got up and walked over to the closet and handed it to Ashleigh.

"Training starts tomorrow." He smiled.

The End

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